How Will Organisations Be Confident About Picking An Ethical Search Engine Optimisation Company

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Clients who see that their website isn’t appearing on the first page after a Google search using keywords linked to their products or services may well realise they should try and find a Search Engine Optimisation Company to help them get Search Engine Placement on page 1.
In the context of an Online Marketing company which does business via the World Wide Web, Search Engine Placement on page 1 is paramount to the success of such a business.

The selection mechanism should be not only simply based on finance, as there could be Businesses who are not as honest as others, in that they may make extravagant claims, such as to ensure to get the client to Search Engine Placement at the No.1 slot of page 1. In these times of more and more Clients changing to the World Wide Web the fight for top position, especially for Clients in a big Online Marketing area, can be tight, so just getting anywhere on the first page can be seen as an achievement.

The Clients needs to be sure that the Search Engine Optimisation Company is honest, which could be done by asking them for a list of their customers and then contacting some of them to get their opinion of how long they have been in the market and how successful they are, although in the real world there may well be a new Business that is trying to enter the SEO market and is quite honest in its approach.

One way of seeing how good a SEO company is would be to do a internet search and see what Search Engine Placement their web site has in the organic results area, i.e. the results below those that are sponsored. If it isn’t on page one then their Online Marketing skills for their services are not that good, so are they going to do a good job on the client’s web site?

The length of time that a client web site has been on page 1 will indicate if the Search Engine Optimisation Company is using ethical or White Hat techniques to optimise the site pages. If the Organisation reports that they were on page 1 but now are way down the list or not showing altogether, then this means that the Search Engine Optimisation Company has been using unethical or Black Hat methods. The search engines can analyse these methods and can remove the offending web site from the search index, which means that it will not be listed in search listing at all.

White Hat methods can provide a long lasting placement near the top of the organic results and only severe competition from other Clients in the same Online Marketing area should normally affect that placement, or maybe from sites that have been ‘optimised’ by using short term Black Hat methods of course.

In short the best way of finding a honest Search Engine Optimisation Company is by referral and asking people who are customers of such Clients.

This SEO Company has a team of people who work only with honest, White Hat methods and can help to get a client web site onto page 1.


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