Get Your Ex Back – How To Turn The Tables On Your Ex

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Have you considered some sneaky behavior in your attempts to get an ex back? It can have some real impact on your efforts. No, we are not talking underhanded methods but more covert type behavior design to cause an element of surprise.

Right now, you will be struggling to come to terms with the fact you are no longer in a relationship with the person you obviously think is the one. Panic and desperation are clouding your judgment at the moment. All you can think about is getting back into the relationship. But it’s probably not what they are thinking so you need to start looking at yourself and make them look back in your direction.

Many don’t realize that break ups are usually a one way street. One person is usually left holding a “larger pain bag” than the other simply because they were told ” their services were no longer required.” If you had a sense of pride then you would move on and continue your search for the right one however, human nature dictates otherwise.

Get Your Ex Back

Let’s take a look at some of the things you can do to get your ex back. Some all all of these steps may suit your situation and if followed, can really help you get some positive response going.

#1… What do we mean by being sneaky? You need to behave in a manner which gives the impression you have moved on. This can simply be going out and enjoying yourself. But remember not to discuss your ex because it will get back to them that you still miss them. It could bother them somewhat that you are really moving on.

#2… When you get into a conversation with your ex which may be often, refrain from going overboard about how well you are doing. In other words, don’t skite. Instead simply let them know you’re really happy with life and leave it at that. Also show caring about what they are doing and be a listener. This will show you actually care about them without being eager to have then back.

#3… This is a time strategy so don’t be contacting them on a daily basis. Keep communication to a minimum and let your apparent “moved on” lifestyle do the talking. Even though you are thinking about them every day wait for several weeks and then just ask them how life is treating them. Acting as a friend rather than a partner is your aim here.

#4… When you are in contact with them then let them do the talking. In other words, listening to what they have to say will get the message across you do care about them. Chances are they will be attracted to this side of you and will probably rely on your advice and support.

#5… These stages are all about re-igniting the friendship. It’s as if you are re-configuring the “relationship hard drive”. By behaving as you have it’s a strong chance you could be the one pursued. The whole idea is to get them missing you again and it’s one of the keys to getting an ex back.


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