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As a day when Syrians celebrate the strength of the Syrian character, Correction Movement day is one of the most important in the calendar.

History of Correction Movement Day

Syria — officially the Syrian Arab Republic — is a country in Western Asia, bordering Lebanon and the Mediterranean Sea to the west, Turkey to the north, Iraq to the east, Jordan to the south, and Israel to the southwest. The climate is usually dry and hot, winters are mild with little snow.

The main sources of income for Syria are the oil, agriculture and tourist industries. Because of high population growth rates, Syria has suffered economically over the last few decades. Unfortunately, these problems go back to the beginning of Syria’s government.

Syria was part of the Ottoman empire, and was taken by the Turkish dynasty in 1516.During this time, Syria experienced great economic, social, and political hardship.But, in 1918, the Arab armies overthrew the Turks and ended their long leadership.

Taking King Faisal I as its ruler, in 1918 Syria became an independent state.However, France and Britain had another agenda. The Sykes Picot agreement was signed, which divided parts of the middle east between the British and French. Although this did not grant those two countries complete control in the middle east, it did allow them enormous influence in the region.The French did get the country under their control.

The Syrians opposed this change and revolted against the mandate in 1925.Several battles took place in the Jabal al-Arab region and in Damascus. These battles caused a lot of damage to Syrian cities. In 1936, France conceded and gave up partial power to the Syrians. However, French troops still occupied the country.During World War II, Syria witnessed military confrontations between French troops that were allied with the Germans, and Free French troops that were allied with the British.

War, destruction, and invasions occurred for many years after the French gained control primarily because the French did not keep their promises and were causing more destruction than being helpful in Syria. In an attempt to stabalise the country, the government was eventually overthrown.But it wasn’t until Hafez al-Assad led the Correction Movement that finally brought long-lasting stability to Syria. This movement saw Hafez Al-Assad elected as president in 1971. His vision for the country started to get the nation ready to fight for its occupied land, and he gained control of the Parliament. Because this movement helped Syria re-gain control of its its country, it is observed as Correction Movement Day, a day of pride and hope.

Customs and Activities of Syrian Corretion Movement day

The festival is marked with a festival that includes a lot of music – especially singing.

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