Checking Out Transformers Bumblebee Voice Changer Helmet For Xmas

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The Awesome Transformers Bumblebee Voice Mixer helmet has already proven itself to be one of the most well liked Transformers movie toys to be put out since the big screen Transformers movies came onto the scene, and right now it looks set to be one of the largest toys available for this Yuletide. It’s been garnering a lot of good write-ups online along with personal recommendation has also been very robust on this toy. The Bumblebee Voice Mixer helmet really is afantastic idea for aYuletide gift for this festive season, and here’s why…

Bumblebee has been one of the hottest characters in the Transformers universe ever since it became popular in the 1980s. This has mostly been down to his personality as something of a underdog. Where many of the Transformers characters are giant, gung-ho warriors, Bumblebee is smaller and always looked a little naive. Heis enthusiastic about his part in the fight against the malevolent Decepticons, and sometimes that will cloud his judgement. A lot of young Transformers fans latch onto Bumblebee because he feels like one of them, a young character with a sense of humour, and who wants to do the proper thing.

The Transformers bumblebee voice mixer helmet permits the wearer to picture themselves becoming Bumblebee! This fantastic over-the-head helmet is asuperb version of the Bumblebee Transformer as he appears in the blockbuster Transformers movies, particularly the 2nd flick, Transformers : Revenge Of The Fallen. Boasting a superb sculpt and a cosy strap, it’s a great fun toy to enjoy.

The audio elements are what have made the bumblebee voice mixer helmet such a smash, though. Using easy switches at one side of the helmet toy, the user can trigger sounds and dialogue from the blockbuster flick, along with using the very popular ‘Voice Changer’ element. This feature projects a fog of electronic distortion over the user’s voice as they talk, creating the illusion of a Transformer’s robotic tones! This is excellent for imaginative role-playing, allowing young Transformers fans create their own journeys and imagine themselves slap bang in the middle of the action! There are more Transformers toys available that are also in high demand this festive season. These are the Leader Class action toy of Optimus Prime, the Devastator set, the ‘Human Alliance’ Bumblebee and Sam figure box set and lots more!


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