Airtight Wood Stoves have Greater Efficiency than Other Types of Wood-Burning Stoves

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When it comes to buying a wood stove for your home, there are three basic types you can choose from : box stoves, air-tight stoves, or pellet burners. There are arguments to each type, with people having their own personal preferences. Although box stoves don’t burn as efficiently, because they are not air-tight, they are the least expensive option. Sadly, quality often suffers as a consequence of the cost. Air-tight stoves are counseled for highest efficiency, but their price tags will reflect their top of the range. Pellet stoves have recently come into popular use. They give out steady, even heat and are sometimes considered the best wood stoves, but the controls that work them won’t work if the power goes out.

Since there are serious negatives when it comes to box stoves and pellet burners, you will need to focus on the purchase of an air-tight wood stove. These models feature a sealed firebox and a door that fits comfortably. The air-intake damper is either by hand or thermostatically controlled. This allows air to circulate around the firebox and controls the rate that fuel is being consumed. Air-tight stoves burn for long periods without requiring owner attention. Sadly, since the cooker burns slowly, the chimney and pipes can become heavily coated with creosote that may have to be by hand cleaned away with a soot remover or a chimney brush.

You can get stoves which are air-tight which have many various finishes. What you want to realize is that the finish of the burner can make it less efficient to operate. The best coating is a flat black finish which causes the cooker to yield 90 98% serviceable heat. Flat paints and enamels will radiate between seventy and ninety percent of their heat, while stoves with glossy surfaces will give you efficiencies of less than 60%, with light colored stoves being at the base of the charts. This is a fact that many householders are unaware of, but it’ll definitely affect the efficacy of your wood stove.

An air-tight wood stove furnace is a superb choice for house owners who are looking to lower their heating bills significantly. With a stove like this, you’ll be in a position to shut down the fire by closing the damper, but the hot gases will stay in the burner much longer and continue to heat the air in your home. This can be an ideal solution for overnight heating.


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