Eschew Cold Weather With Teaching Jobs Abroad

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Some humans love cold weather whilst others cannot stand it. playing in the snow, building snowmen and making angels is a fun day for some people. Others however will stay as far away from the cold as possible, wrapping up warm and staying inside so that they do not have to face cold dark days and even colder nights.

Teaching jobs abroad are a way that many of the cold-phobes escape Britain during winter to take up in warmer climates and earn enough to be able to resist the winter weather the whole year round.

Teaching English as a foreign language does not require a qualification in teaching or education whether you want to do it in England or abroad. You just need to have taken and passed a TEFL or TESOL course by completing a number of hours teaching in a classroom and passing some exams and coursework. Then the world is your oyster if you want to teach English in another country.

To find somewhere hot during winter at home, TEFL teachers choose places like Japan, Brazil and Jamaica. There are also a growing number of positions available in Africa.

These countries have a different way of life than Britain and so it can feel like you are on holiday when you go to work as an English teacher. However there is hard work to be done and you will only get a good teaching job if you can demonstrate your passion and ability.

The type of job you have will depend on your destination. Some are very relaxed and have few working hours, allowing you to spend the rest of your time relaxing or exploring. Others are much stricter on their foreign employees however, especially if you are working for a state run school. The standards in these countries are high and you will have to prove that you are doing a good job in the level of fluency that your pupils reach.

There are many opportunities for you to make working away for part of the year an annual thing so long as you can find a career at home that will support your plan back at home. If you have prospects and a career objective that you want to see through, teaching jobs abroad in winter might not be the way to go as you would be very lucky to find an employer who supports their staff leaving the company for two or three months every year.


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