Ideas To Stay Fresh And Independent Without Help

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Many people will find that once old age rears its ugly head, bending and going up and down stairs becomes more difficult. For those who want to retain some semblance of independence, a walk in bathtub may be the only way to bathe without outside help. walk in bathtubs have a door in the side that allows the person to step instead of climb into the tub. Once closed, the bath is run as normal but the person does not need any help to do this.

As people get older, the ability to take care of themselves is somewhat reduced by the failing of body flexibility. Arthritis or slow tightening of muscles that are becoming older, which leads to stiffening of the body, both contribute to the way that they have to ask for help to do even the simplest of tasks. Many people will then feel like they have to depend on others to help them even though they may not like it very much.

Those who are too shy or too independent will suffer the humiliation of having to ask for help with mundane tasks like be helped to bathe as if they were still children. For those who cannot face this, going without bathing is the only option and this then leads to depression and several other psychological effects.

For people to keep their dignity, a simple but startling invention was created. Lifts to help people in and out of the bathing water was a great invention but sometimes this is also too difficult for some people. By having a door on the side of the tub, the user can just do what they want but without having to wait for someone to help.

Some tubs come in the upright version for those who cannot sit down to bathe. This is a very similar concept but the person does not have to lie down to be able to get a good soak and relax. Ladies in particular love the feeling of lying in warm or hot water and this is probably the only way that they will enjoy all the benefits while undergoing problems with mobility.

Of course, some people may want the benefits of having a whirlpool effect to ease any muscle pain. This is possible and can bring much needed relief to tired or stiff muscles for athletes or those with disablilites. Simply by allowing the water to massage the body brings immense relief too many people and for those who have arthritic joints with a lot of pain.

For those people who have been injured in car accidents or the like, this style of whirlpool will help to take some pain away. It is not necessary to visit therapists just to get pain relief. Just by allowing the warm and pulsing water to do its work will bring about much needed benefits. Even hospitals will recommend this kind of hydrotherapy but if one can do this in the privacy of the home, and as many times as liked, then it will speed up the road to better life while helping with the healing process.


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