Britain Snow In Winter Shock! When Will We Learn To Cope With The Weather?

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It is winter in Britain and it will be snowing. Why does this even make headline news? It snows annually – some years worse than others, but the moment the white stuff falls from the sky our country comes to a standstill. Airports shut down. Trains are terminated early. Roads are impassable. Schools close. The country just cannot cope.

The Rt Hon Lord Adonis should be hanging his head in shame! Does he not speak with his other MPs also in charge of transport? If he is unsure of their names, I can remind him, they are The Rt Hon Sadiq Khan, Chris Mole and Paul Clark. They get considerable wages to do not a lot it would appear to me.

In these days of recession when the country is trying to get itself moving again, this is a disaster. Employees are working further from their home in order to secure jobs, but this weather is making it impractical for them to get to work. Something needs to be done and fast! Why are we not chatting to our Scandinavian cousins to find out how they manage? Why are more people not encouraged to Work From Home? If I can ]think of these ideas, what are the people who have the job of making it happen doing?

We understand we are running out of salt to grit the roads – that is totally unacceptable! It is winter, there should be grit mountains ready for the roads. How many other folk would be permitted to run their firms so poorly and still keep going, I wonder. Not a lot I am sure!

As many businesses are based in the Internet Business to some level, perhaps staff could be persuaded to do Online Jobs at home. Providing staff with PCs and permitting them to Work From Home regularly would at least mean that when they cannot get into work they are still beneficial, which at this time is key to get Britain back on its feet.

This morning on the news we are informed that youngsters expecting to do their final A level exams next week may now not be able to take them because of school closures. This is totally unacceptable. Students ready to undertake major exams are under plenty of pressure as it is without the added pressure of not knowing whether they will be able to take exams they have worked so hard for, or if these will be postponed for 5 months. Schools and the education system have a duty to these youngsters to ensure they are not adversely affected by things outside of their control.

Perhaps as the Internet Business takes off, we should all attempt to get Online Jobs and then no matter what the weather and how badly Britain deals with it, the fact we are all now going to Work From Home would mean we were able to carry on with our lives with minimum hassle. Children could be trained from home as in some remote areas of other countries, giving teachers less chance to cry off arriving at school due to adverse weather, they would merely use online facilities to home-tutor and we could beat the trials of nature.


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