Affordable Activities After School

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For most families, especially those with several children, cost is a big factor to consider when deciding which activities after school you can afford. Music lessons, sports teams and dance classes can all carry a hefty price tag. However, some smart shopping for after school club options and supplies can significantly curtail your expenses. In this article, we’ll share some tips for saving money while still allowing your kids to participate in fun and educational activities once classes let out.

The benefits of activities after school are immeasurable. Getting your children involved in sports is an excellent way to teach them cooperation and teamwork, but the cost of fees, uniforms and equipment, and travel can be substantial. To reduce costs, buy used equipment and look for off season sales. As well, consider a course offered by a community center instead of league play, and talk to other parents about sharing travel costs. If you have a child who shows special aptitude and ability, then look into scholarship or sponsorship options.

For music lovers, there are also many ways to cut costs. Instead of purchasing a new, expensive instrument that your child may lose interest in, consider renting or look into your school’s leasing program. Some music stores subsidize school art programs by providing leases that you can pay for on a monthly basis. This pay-as-you-go method is ideal for a child who is learning an instrument for the first time. If you find that they don’t enjoy it, you simply discontinue the lease. Many music and second-hand stores also offer used equipment and sheet music at discounted prices.

Membership fees and tuition make up a large portion of the cost of extra-curricular activities. If one-on-one lessons are too expensive for your family, then there are more affordable alternatives. Organizations like the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Scouts, YMCA, YWCA, and Little Leagues offer inexpensive membership fees and activities at a very low cost.

Activities after school don’t have to be an expensive drain on your family. You can find a number of community resources and programs in your community by looking at parks and recreation catalogues on the web, speaking to other parents, and looking in the phone book. Some programs offer good discounts for families with more than one child, so consider a number of options. With a little investigation, you’ll find fun, affordable ways to keep your kids supervised after school while they have fun.

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