Ergonomically Designed Green Buildings

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Office ergonomics is becoming more popular and accepted in the world. People are learning that in order to take care of themselves and avoid common syndromes at work and home, they need to buy products that are easier on their bodies. A more ergonomic lifestyle is one that just makes sense because it helps us avoid the common pitfalls of repetitive muscle strain and the aches and pains that go along with placing our bodies in unhealthy positions day after day.

Another concept that is still new to some people is a “green” lifestyle. The facts behind living a ‘green’ lifestyle is not eccentric, although the idea has been misinterpreted and even violated in the arena of politics. Being aware of environmental issues does not mean having to be a fanatic. Being “green” just means that recycled and recyclable materials are used as much as possible, helping to save natural resources and cut back on pollution.

Many modern offices today have made the decision to go green. They are buying as many recycled items as possible, plus getting products that can easily be recycled and used again. Buying green office equipment and products represents a sense of responsibility to the environment by helping to cut down on materials used and also the final plan to recycle any and all products to keep the circle going.

There are so many items today that fit in the checklist of green building standards. Steel is 100% recyclable, making it a great choice for ergonomic computer desks and other office equipment. Wood is another great resource for recycling, as it also is 100% re-usable. Both steel and wood are sturdy, durable and easy to care for. For panels and privacy screens in an office, most fabrics are also 100% recyclable, making it a good green choice.

These products are not only ergonomically correct, keeping you healthier, but they are also helping to conserve the natural resources of our environment. An ergonomic office chair is fully adjustable with armrests that move up and down and may even pivot from side to side. Special lumbar panels in the back of an ergonomic desk chair will provide support that will allow you to work for hours on end without a backache or sore muscles. Height is adjustable to allow your feet to rest on the floor at all times, taking the strain off of your back and legs.

One particularly interesting item about going green with office equipment is the ability of these products to easily be recycled once they are no longer usable. First of all, the equipment is easy to disassemble and then, almost every part of the furniture is re-usable. The materials can be recycled so they can be used over again, rather than going to a landfill to decay.

No one can doubt the fact that too many good things go to waste, and now, we are paying for it. {With landfills quickly filling to capacity, a fuel shortage and economic hardships, it’s time to stop and think what we can do to make a difference|Knowing that times are tough economically, there is a shortage of fuel and the landfills are overflowing, someone need


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