South African Accommodation for Football World Cup in 2010

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South Africa is a country of contrasts and variety, making it one of the most strange and awe inspiring countries to visit. Just like the land and its people it too presents a huge variety of accommodation options, getting ready for a diverse spectrum of tourists, and everyone from businessmen, backpackers, families, adventure-chasers and luxury-seekers, will find some accommodation fitting their lifestyle. Accommodation ranges from some of the best world renowned five star hotels in South Africa’s metropolitan areas to bed and breakfasts in the heartland of rural South Africa. Luxury game lodges and reserves are plentiful throughout the country, accommodating the adventure seeker looking to take in the wild and rustic beauty of the African savannah. Guest houses and bed and breakfasts offer visitors share the warmth and friendliness of their South African hosts. Find below more information on bed and breakfasts and guest houses.

Bed and Breakfasts

There are a large number of private homes throughout South Africa presenting cheap and convenient lodging in all the big tourism centres, and surprisingly even off the beaten track you’re bound to come across a bed and breakfast presenting you the same level of service as their more frequented counterparts. For tourists wanting to meet and spend time with the locals, this is by far the best way to do so, with your hosts literally opening their homes with you, therefore providing a keener sense of welcome than would a huge multistoreyed luxurious hotel – nothing like a home cooked meal and a warm smile to greet you after a long day’s worth of sightseeing…

Guest Houses

A guest house is either a converted house or manor converted to take in overnight visitors or it may be a purpose built facility. Establishments like these are normally run as commercial operations and are often owner-managed. Guest houses contain areas which are for the exclusive use of the visitor with the owner either living off-site, or in a separate area of the property. This type of 2010 soccer world cup accommodation remains, like its Bed and Breakfast counterpart, a very popular choice for both local and international visitors.


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