Purchasing Your Kid’s Very First Guitar

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LifeAs a parent, the first question worth asking yourself is whether you want an acoustic or electrical guitar for your child. We carry both electric and acoustic models made that are suitable for ages 3-4 and up, so there are no limitations primarily based on your kid’s age. There is no definitive answer to this question – if you’re on a low budget and unsure whether your child will keep it going, then you must probably select a cheap acoustic, but there are also benefits to choosing an electrical.

The bulk of youngsters start out on an acoustic guitar for one main reason – it’s less expensive. If, as in the case of most moms and dads, you don’t have any idea whether your youngster will use the guitar for more than a couple of days, the more cost-effective acoustic option is more logical. On the other hand, many parents select to begin with an electric guitar because – let’s come clean – it’s cooler and more fun! Because an electric guitar requires accessories like a cable and amplifier, youngsters’s electrical guitars are available in starter packages that run about $100 or more. A children’s acoustic can be had for half as much.

Naturally, you must also take your youngster’s demeanor into account when selecting between acoustic and electrical (it may even be a good idea to talk about this with them previously and show them photographs). If your child is rambunctious and energetic, perhaps he would appreciate an electrical guitar — if you’ve ever held an electrical guitar in your hands and ripped it like Pete Townsend did at Woodstock, you’ll know what I mean! For the shy, introspective child, the soothing tones of a strummed acoustic could be most appealing.

You may additionally want to consider your private preferences, since this decision could also very well figure out how much peace and quiet you’ll get while your youngster is learning to play. Who do you believe got a better night’s rest, Paul Simon’s mother or Jimi Hendrix’s? The amount of noise that an electric guitar can generate might surprise you, even when played through a less dynamic amp. If you’re set on an electrical but also crave for peace and quiet, don’t despair – you can always pick up a headphone amplifier to keep things quiet ( ee section four on accessories and section six for product suggestions).

one more decision on acoustic guitars – steel or nylon strings?

If you’ve decided on an acoustic guitar, you have one more decision to make — there are two types of acoustic guitars : Steel-String and Nylon-String (Classical). Steel-string guitars are used in pretty much all popular music and are more common, but it is not peculiar for a child’s first guitar to be a classical nylon-string guitar. The reason for this is that nylon strings are soft and easier to press down, whereas steel strings can be exceedingly abrasive on a child’s hands. All guitarists develop calluses on their fretting hand after they’ve been playing for too long. However , for a child, playing acoustic guitar for too long can be painful at first, and a likely answer to this problem is to simply purchase a nylon string guitar instead. That having been said, most still begin with steel strings, generally because there are far more colours and options available.

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