Massage Along With Foot Arch Support Can Relieve Your Shin Splints Pain

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DSC_2864Therapy for shin splints pain can be tricky when the area is too tender to even touch. From the ultra-sensitive nerves to the inability to put pressure on the lower leg, it is one of the excruciating foot conditions. Nonetheless, with the proper physician attention, shin splints pain relief is possible in most cases. Including the proper use of orthotics and several innovative massage techniques, pain relief is possible.

Shin Splint Pain is Caused by Several Factors

Shin splints are commonly occurring injuries that are caused by several major factors:

  • Wearing shoes that are too tight or small including lack of heel cushion or shoes with little support
  • Sprinting on a hard surface or a sudden increase of physical activity
  • Having flat feet
  • Weak anterior muscles of the leg or tight posterior leg muscles

This injury can change your lifestyle if these factors are not addressed right away. In the case of police officers, for example, they must keep in shape so they can keep up with their duties. With better upkeep of fitness, however, shin splints pain can quickly become an issue.

Orthotics Provide a Fix to Malformed Biomechanics

Medical studies have proven that shoe inserts help relieve shin splints pain by offering cushioning and arch support. These are some of the major reasons listed above that can be taken care of starting today. Using shoe inserts can alleviate the pain of athletes who experience unusually high impact on their lower legs and feet. These devices relieve the stress to be absorbed into the insoles instead of forcing the joints to absorb most of the stress. For people with flat feet, shoe inserts designed for sports shoes can be purchased with supportive arches so that corrective arch support is provided to the feet. Wearing appropriate arch supports is essential to the efficient functioning of our feet.

Stretching and Ice for Shin Splint Pain

Apart from icing the painful areas and taking NSAIDs, more can be done in addition to strengthening exercises and stretches. Massage treatments can have a profound impact in the overall healing time. One of the massage methods is to massage under water. Water massage using cold water is recommended, since it can effectively help to decrease inflammation.

Learn How Massage Can Alleviate Shin Splint Pain

One underwater massage technique involves first soaking the lower legs in a bucket with ice cubes. This will decrease inflammation and also help the nerves to be soothed. Never push fingers into the shins, because this can cause a sudden shooting pain in the legs. Instead, with a hand-off approach, have them point their toes and flex their foot under the water. This not only self-massages the inner muscles, but helps bring blood to the area. It also strengthens the anterior tissues while stretching the posterior muscles at the same time.

Shin Splint Pain Relief is Easy with Hand-Held Massagers

Another massage that helps tremendously for shin splints is by way of a battery-operated or plug-in massager that vibrates as it massages. With nerve endings ultra-sensitive to being touched, giving a skin-to-skin massage simply is not recommended. Some massagers grip the leg via a neoprene sleeve while others are square and flat and can massage simply by resting the leg on top of the pad. For shortened posterior leg muscles, a roller-type massage machine one that is hand-held) can also be great for massaging calf muscles.

You no longer have to let shin splints pain keep you from doing what you want to do. With the regular use of shoe inserts and using these effective massages; shin splints pain can be painless and extremely effective.


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