The Stylish Elegance and Emotional Sentiment of Your Celtic Knot Ring

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Celtic ringThe ancient Celtic people are famous the world over to this day because of their incredible style of jewelry and ornamentation, as seen in so many stunning and meaningful styles of Celtic Wedding Ring. The focal point of Celtic jewelry such as the Celtic Band styles worn as wedding rings by married couples is the Celtic knot, which has no beginning and no end. This made it a symbol of eternity and was meant to express eternal love and lifelong fidelity when used as the central motif of a Celtic Knot Ring. This sort of ornamental knot work seen in the many types of Celtic wedding ring was found adorning ancient manuscripts and monuments, and later often seen accompanied by the Celtic cross, also known as St. Patrick’s cross or the cross of Padraig. The Celtic band as a wedding ring has also been around for a long time, as these rings were admired for their beautiful and unique craftsmanship and traded throughout the known world at the time. That is why variations on the Celtic knot ring have been found all over Europe and to this day, Celtic jewelry such as the Celtic wedding ring is a beloved and popular style of jewelry worn by people all over the world.

The Celtic cross is often worn as a pendant on a chain or silk cord as well as on a Celtic band. The Celtic cross features the trademark knotwork alongside it on many styles of Celtic knot ring, and although it looks close in structure to the traditional Christian cross, it sports a circle surrounding the intersection and you would recognize it if you saw it on a Celtic wedding ring right away. Celtic crosses on a Celtic band can be crafted from a variety of materials, although silver is often a popular choice.

Then there’s the claddagh. This emblem can either be a symbol of friendship or love and is a very popular type of Celtic wedding ring. It features two hands holding a heart with a crown on top and may be part of a more complex decoration of a Celtic knot ring. The hands signify friendship, the crown represents loyalty, and the heart represents love. Often, the way the claddagh Celtic band is worn expresses the romantic status of the wearer. If the claddagh Celtic band is worn on the right hand with the heart pointing to the hand, it means the wearer is in a relationship. If the claddagh Celtic band is worn on the right hand with the heart pointing out from the hand, it means the wearer is available. Wearing the claddagh Celtic wedding ring on the left hand means either engagement or marriage. Claddaghs are often crafted from silver or gold. Sometimes, they can feature gemstones as well.

Another popular type of Celtic jewelry like the Celtic knot ring is an ingot, a rectangular shaped pendant usually made from silver or gold which bears engraved symbols which can be similar to those on a Celtic knot ring. Then there are styles of Celtic wedding ring with shamrocks, Irish dance shoes, Irish harps, and Gaelic coins. The beauty of the Celtic knot ring and all Celtic jewelry is not only in its attractive appearance, but in the fact that everything has a deep and often spiritual meaning.


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