How to Plan an Adventure Vacation

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Caribbean near TulumAfter a number of years, it can be tough to come up with new gift ideas. For a one of a kind gift, surprise the one you love with an adventure vacation. These appeal to someone with a sense of risk and danger, and they make for great stories following the adventure. There are lots of options from which to choose. No matter where you live, the age or physical abilities of the person, and the amount of money you are willing to spend, adventures exist for most people. Even if your loved on is typically a timid person, you may be able to design a trip they will love. Think about previous experiences you have enjoyed, and consider some of the things your loved one has mentioned doing over the years. With a little thought and creativity, the perfect adventure can be designed. If you have ever talked about experiencing the ocean in a unique way, it may be a floatplane endorsement. They may want to hop on a plane and fly over the raging waters of the Pacific or Atlantic ocean and that was their way of giving you a float endorsement. Others may prefer a more hands on adventure. Choices for adventure trips are numerous.

If flying adventures are what they crave, you can also take a helicopter ride above a volcano or over the Grand Canyon. The ride allows you to see these amazing natural creations up close. Costs of these trips are usually reasonable, and you can book them last minute if need be. Keep in mind the most popular volcano flights are in Hawaii, and flying over the Grand Canyon can only happen at the site of the Canyon. You may need to wait until you are in the area for the adventure part if you are located far from these sites, but imagine the fun you will have adding this to your otherwise mundane vacation! Flights over the Grand Canyon are a great addition to a Las Vegas trip.

Not up for flying? Consider a water-logged adventure. There are facilities that offers a chance to swim with sharks or dolphins! Something like this is not for the faint of heart, but if you work with a professional company, it is perfectly safe. However, there is a still a certain sense of danger and adventure since you are up close and personal with wild sea creatures. If you are in the market for someone who is a fan of aquatics, consider swimming with sea life for their adventure gift.

If you are unwilling to risk hanging out with wild animals, consider the wild blue yonder. Skydiving gives folks a thrill, and this may be just the opportunity for you and your loved one to share the experience. There are training schools all over the country, so anyone can learn safe jumping skills. You can also try parasailing or hang-gliding. If all of these are just a bit too much opt instead for a hot air balloon adventure.


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