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Winston outdoor furniture - NexusChairs need cushions not only to make them more comfortable, but also to make them more attractive. Indeed, cushions add certain character to the whole setting if you choose them carefully. However, you will have to go an extra mile while choosing outdoor patio cushions because they lie exposed to natural elements most of the time and therefore are more likely to be spoiled more quickly than their indoor counterparts are.

Patio cushions are designed with comfort in mind and this is given through the plush cotton feeling. When choosing cushions, you will be much better off with cushions with woven acrylic blend with an open cell structure and a solution dyed acrylic as these types will last you longer under the sun and from water stains. Ask the patio furniture manufacturers if the cushions have Teflon coating. This coat keeps the colors looking vibrant and new even though under sun. Having polyester filling in your cushions also allow the cushions to breathe properly and dry up any water or dampness inside it.

You can buy additional covers for your cushions too. This will keep the outdoor patio cushions safe from dust and dirt. Covers with Velcro are very easy to handle. However, you may find those with zippers or ties more convenient. Such covers should also be fade resistant. They not only keep your patio looking bright and beautiful, but prolong the life of the cushions as well. Buy them in lighter colors. You will find them more comfortable in summer. Those with plush cotton feeling are even better.

You can buy covers for your fixtures like patio chairs, lounges, grills, heaters etc. Use of such covers prolongs their life. These covers should be made of heavyweight water resistant material. As with the cushion covers, the covers for the furniture also come with Velcro, elastic band or simple ties. These enable us to secure the covers to the fixtures. Make sure that they are good looking too. However, there is no dearth of attractive patio covers. In fact, there is no dearth of patio fixture either. You will find a tremendous variety chairs, tables, umbrellas, patio heaters etc.

Now comes to the design part of patio cushions. Most people opt to buy them ready made from stores and manufacturers but if you’re the type to go different, then customizing your patio cushions is the way to go. You can either sew them up yourself or you could just get a seamstress to do it for you to avoid any sewing screw ups on your behalf. Talk to your seamstress about design ideas, fabric, color and style. Make it clear to him or her that you want certain elements such as UV ray treated fabric, polyester filling, zipper or elastic closure and water resistant functions into your cushions. Laminate applications also give protection from water and heat for your cushions.

Patio heaters can be classified according to their portability as well as by the fuel they run on. Some patio heaters are freestanding and portable, while others ate fixed to a specific location and are generally mounted on walls and ceilings or even are fixed to the ground. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Weigh them carefully before you choose one. In general, wall mounted heaters are ideal if you have small patio. However, for bigger patio, portable heaters may be more suitable because it will allow you to take it wherever you choose to sit. For optimum benefit, position the heaters against a wall. The wall will collect the heat and send it back to the sitting area.

Also, note that patio heaters run on electricity, natural gas or wood. There are also solar powered patio heaters. However, propane heaters and electric heaters are more common than those that run on wood or LPG. However, if you have a big yard and sometimes like to sit in the extreme corners, the propane heaters may be your best bet because such heaters naturally do not need paraphernalia like electric points or wires. You can also buy freestanding fire pits like Chimenea, which run on wood and have a typical ethnic look. You can also have a brick built fireplace installed in a corner of a patio. In fact, there are endless possibilities. Buy the one that suits your temperament and life styles more.

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