Healthy Raw Food Recipes : Assembling Vegan Spring Rolls for Raw Food Recipes

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Note: information from YouTube
Learn how to prepare a raw vegan spring roll, a quick and easy meal, in this free healthy cooking video hosted by Nili Nathan. Expert: Rachel Karr Contact: Bio: Rachel Karr is a raw food chef at Cru Restaurant in Silver Lake, Los Angeles, California. Filmmaker: Nili Nathan


hllllm says:

هل تريد السعادة الحقيقة ابحث عن الإسلام

akaulanav says:


StillLife33 says:

Is there something you could use in place of Daikon for the shell?

Soulblackman says:

Nori comes to mind with me.

bacraig48 says:

your making me hungry for a big red steak. yum yum!!!!!!!!

lexiconlover says:

what’s wrong with using rice paper? I’m sorry, is daikon rice paper? I have no idea, they just look so friggin small.

lexiconlover says:

bioled cabbage leaves and raw lettuce are good wraps for most things.

sadbrwneyes989 says:

I’d love to try the sauce. I’d get some avocados on that monkey, with heaven knows what…

jameslikebond says:

daikon is a vegie i think…kinda like a raddish..

AvEryBadApPLe says:

didn’t gmc get enough bailout money? anywho, awesome recipe.

AinokoAna says:

So long as that steak is raw, go for it!

caseyzeman says:

Great stuff! wow thanks so much. inspiring

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