Container Gardening Tips

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Note: information from YouTube
Award winning garden expert Steve Brookes shares great fun and informative gardening tips. These tips are about container gardening.


naztazia says:

Great tips!

ok3618a says:

i disagree!

donze52 says:

I grew $30 worth of hot peppers in a pot last year, $30 in food, medicine and weapons, for less than a dollar in cost.
donze52 films

picatsoforfma says:

I don’t think I would use the slow relese pellets. I’m growing produce so I would want to be organic.

telemarker77 says:

you can buy terra cotta pots with a light glaze on the inside. for large terra cotta the one hole in the bottom is not enough, use 3/4 masonry bit to carefully drill four additional holes. lift pot off ground with pieces of brick, or stone or wood, so it drains well. in addition, but a window screen on the bottom, then 2 inches of gravel, then permeable ground cloth-potting soil/plant. this guy is not very helpful on containers.

Mondoshawn says:

the voice of this guy is amazing 🙂

HoboNetWeaver says:

hahah 1:16 “you get your nail full of compost!”

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