Gardening Tips : How to Grow Strawberries

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Note: information from YouTube
Strawberry plants should be kept out of the shade and grown in hot sunny areas with good drainage. Grow strawberries with tips from a sustainable gardener in this free video on gardening. Expert: Yolanda Vanveen Contact: Bio: Yolanda Vanveen is a third-generation flower grower and sustainable gardener who lives in Kalama, Wash. Filmmaker: Daron Stetner


AJQuinteiro says:

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WoundedEgo says:

I heard that you should snip off any flowers that show up before July the first year. Have you heard that?

goldtoothproductions says:

ive planted my strawberry plant in a grow bag, but in the same grow bag ive planted spinich, ive seperated them off but one spinich shoot has come up 4cm away from my strawberry plant. should i risk up rooting the spinich and move it or is it fine growing close to the strawberry plant?

WoundedEgo says:

Obviously, this does not apply to June bearing plants!

fishgut73 says:

well thanks, I learned nothing watching this video.

kayleeShoe says:

for real. No one cares bout her personal problems, we wanna know about strawberries not her!

geoffnickles says:

Wow, if you don’t have anything nice to say people, don’t say anything…

Like2MilkGoats says:

where can i get june bearing seeds?

WoundedEgo says:

If you put gunpowder in the soil, (lots of gunpowder), then the strawberries will explode when you throw them at the deer, teaching them a lesson that they will never forget.

prettyeven says:

this video should be called “woman (with gardening gloves) introducing basic knowledge about strawberries” the real tips are in the information box on the right…

andypawlowski says:

TIPS???? sory I didn’t get any

andypawlowski says:

sorry you didn’t have any TIPS in this video

nofacesniper says:

nice video

josjeflip says:

Wonderful video! One of the very few i can follow because it is subtitled. I am Deaf so most video’s is no use for me. Thanks 🙂

josjeflip says:

Wonderful video! One of the very few i can follow because it is subtitled. I am Deaf so most video’s are no use for me. Thanks 🙂

Imahotmailuser says:

More on growing strawberries- go to

Imahotmailuser says:

@Imahotmailuser growingstrawberriesguide

freedumbs says:

question what temp does stawberries grow in

theamazingplant2 says:

sorry but there were no TIPS in this video.

CardClashersHub says:

got a plant of this today, for £3.00!

Flowerpowernluv says:

@theamazingplant2 No tips? Other than they like it sunny and soil with good drainage, which is more than I knew. 😛

kumar274 says:

no information provided….She only cares whats her favourite fruit…She is just bull **** nothing else..Knowlegde she provide I know much better than her..She should be ignored and blocked from youtube coz all of her videos are like this . OR she should change heading from HOW TO ???

PJViolin says:

@theamazingplant2 well i learned they need full hot son and are very hardy plants and easy to grow, so they don’t need much care. Maybe not as many tips as you like, but i find it helpful.

ichimich75 says:

@WoundedEgo ha!!!

ryan100ryan says:

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