Gardening Tips – Tomato Plants

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How to keep your tomato plants healthy. Award winning garden expert Steve Brookes shares great fun and informative gardening tips.


1ebric says:

whats the blue thing under the containers? I have used the material from the drying machine as germinating material, I´ll try the vaccum cleaner fluff, but does it really works that way or are you using anything else, the plants are huge

118bigtom says:

the blue thing is a grow bag

jayangli says:

I like the grow bag and pot tip but the vacumm dust thing is a bit sick

spyknife says:

I am going to try the vacuum cleaner dust thing next year. My tomato plants this year was a complete disaster ! London just does not have the climate for decent tomatos.

LorneRealEstate says:

That is simply amazing.
I’m not sure if it is a joke, or actually a genuine idea though.

My tomatoes have always grown well with just seaweed solution and watering.
I have also heard of some amazing tonic using ash from the fire, wood chips, seasol and water to make a ugly paste.
A little in each pot when planting makes for amazing growth.

All good ideas i guess

Rawmodel says:

Spyknife…you will likely have to make a little greenhouse for them, even a plastic tarp over a sq meter raised bed? It’s tough…I’m in the northern us and would prefer to grow all nightshades in the greenhouse, they just loooove it. Great vid…makes perfect sense.

Diluted ocean water or a sea salt solution adds in micro nutrients as well.

everythingeco says:

I worry about the non-organic materials like carpet power and fibers. Cool idea, will probably try it, but just sayin.

hedrickhmae says:

ty for this video i will try it

jflor98 says:

I handfull of vacuum cleaner dust per week? Wow, let me vacuum my 75,000 square foot house so I have plenty for my plants 🙂

juniorgut1 says:

damn i’m already sneezing and im not even there! ill find a different solution. i have allergies.


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lostjunkie36 says:


pullingfabio says:

those arent tomato plants… THOSE ARE TREES!!!

ryan100ryan says:

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