Homemade Snack Food Recipes : Mix Ingredients for Pretzel Recipe

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Discover tips for mixing the ingredients when making this homemade pretzels in this free video series on snack food recipes. Expert: Rachel Dayan Bio: Rachel has traveled the world where she picked up many recipes and styles of cooking which helped her open her own catering business in Florida. Filmmaker: Gary Zier


snipezakc says:

when she says well she says it like whale

mccracken1991 says:

churro! they are called churro’s

realblitz says:


Brian567899 says:

take an oreo and drizzle it in honey. then add splender and a little peanut butter add chocolate if wanted. its actually good

concerty2k says:

ya thanx! I looked in wikipedia for all the similar spelling as what she pronounced like” wail”. I thought its a space made in the middle of bowl. I got confused……..

massimobestpalylol says:

Why did you do it in a bowl? If you’re going to have “expert” in your name atleast do things properly, irony…

sweetfeat1 says:

learn English

HarleyRidingNurse says:

I find it funny how so many people are critics, if you can do a better job than go ahead, but wow don’t we have enough negativiity in the world give the people credit who share some ideas with us. That’s all it is, just an idea to help you create. Thanks for taking time to make and share this video. I appreciate it and I am sure many others do also.

Bananenboy93 says:


bowler8 says:

full recipe pls

lilsk8erkid4 says:

if u pause her at 0:03 she looks high lol

lilsk8erkid4 says:

keep on clickin on the 0:03 sounds like shes having an organism

bigc1494 says:

@lilsk8erkid4 ahhahahha whatd u mean she looks high?? she is high fool ahahha

csaba911 says:

Where is part two.
Confusing, F- altogether for all Expert village video.

DevineKnightMare says:

an organism??? lol idiot

ChrnoMiller says:

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annastasiababy says:

keep clickn on 1:33…it sounds funnyy:P lol

autumnandkiera says:

yeah it does lol

annastasiababy says:

i kno rite:P

mattpryor94 says:


mattpryor94 says:

1:33 lol

lamonu16ca says:

i need to see how she does it
take the words out!

caseyzeman says:

Great stuff! wow thanks so much. inspiring

5tonyvvvv says:

man shes hot..i wish she could give me a nice hand job

lgal56 says:

@csaba911 its not how to make it its how to mix with out a mixer read the tittle

Thank you so much for sharing this recipe. Now I know the basics of how to make a good pretzel as I am really interested in making this for my little kids at home as a snack. As for me, I would love to have this with a hot cup of coffee made from my espresso pump at home. Kudos!

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