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Quick and Easy Recipes * Raw Food Diet Menu * Corn Recipes * Raw Food Weight Loss * Your love & support for the liferegenerator is infinitely appreciated: ❤ Visit the LIFE REGENERATOR STORE for my Favorite Juicer & More ❤ ❤ A TRUE Raw Food Whole Food Meal! Totally 100% Raw Corn on the Cob, Tomato Slices, Cucumber Chunks & Cilantro… spritzed with Lime Juice ❤ * I ngredients * …missing quantities are up to you for this one!… — Raw Corn on the Cob (yes, totally raw, NOT even so much as lightly steamed…although if you need to steam them, we won’t tell anyone…) — Beefsteak Tomatoes — Cucumbers* — 1 bunch of Cilantro — 1 Lime *unpeeled if organic; peeled if inorganic * P reparation * — 1) Shuck the corn, and lay out on what will be each person’s lunch or dinner plate. — 2) Slice the beefsteak tomatoes into very large pieces & slice the cucumbers lengthwise into quarters, setting all sliced tomatoes & cucumbers along side the shucked ears of corn. — 3) Chop the cilantro into large pieces, and divide among all of the plates as well. — 4) Use a manual citrus juicer or a citrus hand juicer to squeeze the juice of the lime over everything on each plate, but concentrating most heavily on the cilantro and the corn. — 5) Serve, and enjoy! * I nspiration * — I wanted to share with you a REAL raw food meal, meaning one that is more typical for a REALLY quick and simple raw food dinner. This recipe involves no machines! But I do use a knife… — The top


catwomansummer says:

Hi! liferegenerator

Dustin212112 says:

dude how does he eat all of this! like really this would be my meal for the hole day no way i could even eat all of the food he gave the girl like hole balls thats alot of food

KoiNohappygolucky says:

Those tomatoes are huge! I have never seen one as big as that in my whole life! If i had one, i would eat the whole thing without doing anything to it, just pop it in my mouth. Just kidding. That is sure a lot of food though, i don’t think i could eat it all. What do you do when you eat meat? Do you skip out on it? I Fresh veggies are the best!

rowo87 says:

Hey man I think I am having problems with my Lymphatic System I just went to Food Lion and bought some Cilantro, spinich, Celery, and Bananas and Whole Wheat Bread. I know the Lymphatic system is key to our health, any other suggestions?

holystrawberry says:

i love love love the simplicity!.. makes the transition into ‘stay Alive’ not that complicated….yum*

spanishleon says:

That big tomatoes r organic??

liferegenerator says:

@spanishleon YES!

Abetterappetite says:

ahh I subbed. you ar every funny and I am going on a raw food diet for 7 days.. starting today 🙂

littlejordi1 says:

thank you for sharing your knowledge and experiences. Ill add them to my life skills. all the best to you

thugricanz says:

@Abetterappetite How was it? It’s been 2 weeks. ^_^

thugricanz says:

Eating raw corn? I don’t know! 🙂 lol

MonkieBoi4 says:

lol theres a bug on your food

pinktink4life says:

there are flies all over ur corn!

Jameaiy says:

The most amazing restaurant meal recipes…finally revealed! Cook them all from your home –

RaidenTheAlmighty says:

Why would you not cook your food? Cooking food has lots of benefits: it unlocks nutrition that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to get out of food, it makes food easier to consume and also to digest.

purplefreak7410 says:

You sir are awesome!!
Peace and Love!! ♥

1fanger says:

you talk too much

Siegetower says:

@liferegenerator Micro-organisms will still attack you no matter how much fresh food you eat. By all means eat healthy but if people are smart they will save money for the rainy day they need to spend in Hospital.

Siegetower says:

@Abetterappetite How did that go for you. Back onto beer and pork now?

dizzydaisygal says:

Ok- Seriously- you have my life…….my dream life…..only- I wanna live in a yurt!!!

hazelnova says:

I love raw corn!
Your tomatoes look like heirlooms – are they?

stang4lyfe07 says:

lol kinda weird at first, but… i like this guy… subbed 🙂

xdeathisrighttherex says:

hiiiippppieee!!!! 🙂

daisycastillo21 says:

wow…..just eating vegetables….. is there a book that can psychologically prepare me for this?…….I don’t feel like I ate if a don’t eat a “regular meal” 🙁

dizyootum says:

@liferegenerator this is what people must understand its not what he looked like its what he stood for understand

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