Healthy Cooking: Top 10 Tips – Nutrition by Natalie

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Top 10 Healthy Cooking Tips Nutrition by Natalie Here are 10 simple tips that you can use in the kitchen to make more healthy foods; lose the calories and fat, not the taste. By replacing unhealthy foods with healthy alternatives in a recipe, you can cook healthy food, reduce fat, increase nutrients, lower calories and improve your diet.


thePDXscott says:

Great Tip!!

upno989 says:

natalie i want to bang you while you wear that dress.

anonymousandunwashed says:

can you please do a video on skin issues and acne

rickvanman says:

great tips – thanks for sharing. Does cooking the protien powder affect it in any way?

therawfooddiet says:

Did not think I would be able to see a great video like this! Thanks for sharing this one. PLease take a look of my video 🙂

untoherself says:

most veggie broths will have some form of msg in them. read labels and know how to spot msg, “yeast extract” for example.

phunkyboy says:

nice dress !.

13dreea says:

So, I think these ideas are fantastic… only suggestion: Instead of non-fat plain yogurt, you may want to consider using a low-fat plain yogurt instead. Yogurt natrually contains some form of fat… so when there is a “non-fat” lable, that will usually mean there is corn starch or other chemicals added in order to keep all the ingredients well blended instead of blotching…. so a good idea would be to not only read nutrition lables but also look at ingredients!

AskNurseLisa says:

these are great ideas Natalie!

TheVittleVlog says:

Nice video…very informative…..Thanks!

macluver35 says:

That was really helpful! Thanks because I would have never thought of it that way. =)

Amoney100 says:

Wrong. Grass-Fed Butter,CocoNut Oil,Extra Virgin Olive oile is the way to go

Amoney100 says:

Drain the FAT! I paid good money for it!

beautyfix9843 says:

natalie i want to bang you while you wear that skirt. i’ll just pull it right up and bang you standing up.

IanALane says:

@beautyfix9843 Hahahahaha.

skatersirian says:

I’m guessing Natalie no longer does vids for psychetruth?

phisitproduction says:

Can I eat you now? , haha .. =P thankyou for the tips on nutrition *****

ready4healthy says:

@skatersirian I’m guessing so, which is unfortunate as I got a lot of motivation from her videos.

skatersirian says:

@ready4healthy Indeed. These top 10’s she hosted are great. I’ll admit that I quit my softdrinks addiction after learning how bad it is in one of her “top 10” vids.

SDuplic says:

hoooooooooot 😀

amaximc says:

you are beautiful, i wish there were women like you in my bland town

amaximc says:

@Amoney100 lololol haha

FutureLaugh says:

replace refined sugar with suckanut

sarahsawesome22 says:

@beautyfix9843 you are an idiot

smlndolphn says:

Thank you Natalie! I’ve been looking for healthier ways to make food so your ideas are very helpful!

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