How to Succeed as an Independent Consultant, 3rd Edition

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Much has changed in the world of business in the last ten years, and consulting is no exception. Here, in the latest edition of How to Succeed as an Independent Consultant, Herman Holtz addresses these changes, and shows why the economic climate of the ’90s offers new and better opportunities for independent consultants. Regardless of the field you work in, How to Succeed as an Independent Consultant, the world’s favorite guide to consulting success, will help you win clients through a variety of practical, proven techniques you’ll only find here. From effectively marketing yourself in ways no one else thought of…to overcoming the latest obstacles posed by the IRS…to harnessing state-of-the-art technologies in your business…it explains how each new and important development will affect your career. And most importantly, it shows you how to build your business in the face of these changes. In clear, step-by-step detail, How to Succeed as an Independent Consultant shows you how to: launch a second career as an independent consultant, from finding assignments to leveraging every skill you have; make a killing at your first client meeting with three simple rules; master every sales situation and avoid common pitfalls when making your pitch; manage your finances, including insurance and taxes, so you come out ahead; understand the new marketing and set up a database to expand your client list; write a winning proposal; cost-effectively produce successful promotional materials such as releases, brochures, and other sales materials; negotiate fees and contracts to your advantage; maintain high ethical standards, no matter who your clients are; and much more! Packed with informationyou’ll find in no other book, How to Succeed as an Independent Consultant is all the help you need to beat an economy that’s more challenging than ever.


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