Constructive Dialogue Modelling: Speech Interaction and Rational Agents

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Constructive Dialogue Modelling: Speech Interaction and Rational Agents provides an overview of the current dialogue technology and research trends in spoken dialogue systems, presenting a coherent perspective of AI-based cooperative interaction management. The book complements existing research regarding human-computer interfaces, speech and language technology, and communication studies in general, bringing different view-points together and integrating them into a single point of reference. Key Features: *Presents a guide to spoken dialogue technology and current research trends. *Provides an overview of human factors in dialogue systems and delivers a new metaphor for human-computer interaction and computer as agent. *Explains the architecture of dialogue systems using examples from systems such as Interact and DUMAS *Offers a comprehensive overview of original research into the new trends in speech dialogue technology in light of innovations such as ubiquitous computing. This book will provide essential reading for industrial designers and interface engineers, university researchers and teachers, computer scientists, human communication researchers, speech and language technologists, cognitive engineers/cognitive scientists, as well as social and media researchers, and psychologists. Advanced students and researchers in computer science, speech and language technologies, psychology and communication research will find this text of interest.


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