Green IT For Dummies ®

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See how going green can help keep your business in the black Green technology is not only good for the environment; it’s also good for your bottom line. As energy costs soar, limiting energy consumption is both smart and responsible. This guide is packed with cost-saving ways to make your company a leader in green technology, and case studies from organizations that have gone green show you how to do it. *Consolidate and go green — learn how virtualization can reduce data center consumption and floor space * Get a baseline — do an energy audit to determine your present consumption and identify where to start greening * Green planning — build a plan and get management and employees on board * Go formal — formalize best practices for green IT, understand your company’s requirements, and design an infrastructure to meet them * Thrifty desktops — discover ways to reduce energy use even with older machines * Save a tree — explore new ways to limit paper and printing costs * Just light changes — see how a little money spent upgrading light fixtures can save a lot in energy costs * The anywhere office — save with virtual meetings, teleconferences, and telecommuting options Open the book and find: *What to beware of when developing your green plan * A glossary of terms relating to green IT * How to build support for your plan * Ten organizations that help you get green * How virtualization can help you get started * Existing and emerging standards to consider * Small changes that offer big results * How to build a green storage system


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