Ultra-Low Energy Wireless Sensor Networks in Practice: Theory, Realization and Deployment

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Finally a book on Wireless Sensor Networks that covers real world applications and contains practical advice! Kuorilehto et al. have written the first practical guide to wireless sensor networks. The authors draw on their experience in the development and field-testing of autonomous wireless sensor networks (WSNs) to offer a comprehensive reference on fundamentals, practical matters, limitations and solutions of this fast moving research area. Ultra Low Energy Wireless Sensor Networks in Practice : *Explains the essential problems and issues in real wireless sensor networks, and analyzes the most promising solutions. *Provides a comprehensive guide to applications, functionality, protocols, and algorithms for WSNs. *Offers practical experiences from new applications and their field-testing, including several deployed networks. *Includes simulations and physical measurements for energy consumption, bit rate, latency, memory, and lifetime. *Covers embedded resource-limited operating systems, middleware and application software. Ultra Low Energy Wireless Sensor Networks in Practice will prove essential reading for Research Scientists, advanced students in Networking, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science as well as Product Managers and Design Engineers.


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