Ccna Certification: Routing Basics for Cisco Certified Network Associates Exam 640-407

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CCNA Certification: Routing Basics for Cisco Certified Network Associates Exam 640-407 Pass your CCNA exam now-and jumpstart your career in networking! Get a jumpstart on your networking career with CCNA Certification, your hands-on guide to Cisco networking and Cisco’s super-hot introductory certification exam! CCNA Certification starts with an easy introduction to networking basics, including the layered OSI model every network professional must know, and the fundamentals of local and wide area networks. Next, review the essential building blocks of today’s business networks and the Internet, including routers, switches, repeaters, bridges, and the TCP/IP Internet protocol. This book covers every CCNA exam objective, and you won’t find a better on-the-job-reference! You’ll: Set up a routed network and connect it to the Internet-one step at a time Master the basic configuration and troubleshooting techniques every Cisco networking professional needs Test your knowledge with sample questions just like those on the real CCNA exam Learn from real-life lab exercises with detailed solutions Cisco certification gives you a giant step up in today’s marketplace! With CCNA Certification, you can take that leap right now-and if you’re already running a network, run it smarter and more reliably. It’s the first certification book for every networking professional! ROBERT MYHRE is a consultant specializing in Cisco and Microsoft networking, based in Minneapolis, MN. Myhre is also a Cisco trainer for Learning Tree International.


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