Bedroom Decorating Tips – House of the Year

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Check out the beautiful bedroom featured in this year’s home, and listen in as editor Robin Mayer describes her decorating decisions. For more great videos from Country Living visit: –


peeco19 says:

ha :)

henry aa says:

Holy wallpaper Batman!

sexymama12315 says:

I love the wall paper 🙂

hdiogo says:

lol to the naysayers…but you did a great job, we currently in Europe and this style is everywhere. Great job…I like it. 🙂 G

xoxWHYMExox says:

um, honey you mixed retro with country with french style. wow. fuck my life.

MustardMonkeyLtd says:

thanks for the great bedroom decorating ideas and tips

Soldiergirl7777 says:

Dracula?? lmao… If i had to stay in that room my mind would go nuts, waay to busy lol, peace.

KittenToez says:

I’m not fond of the bedroom. I do like the “cool” tan and cream in the room, but the bed looks a little unadorned.

I also think the unfinished fabric thrown over the bed looks cheap and DIY. The BUSYBUSYBUSY wallpaper pattern would have looked better as a pattern for fabric on tailored bed curtains etc and on on the wall.

Doesn’t faux-bois belong in a garden? At least she didn’t have faux-bois AND ikat prints AND lacquered walls ha ha ha.

IsabellJustice says:

this bedroom looks like one where you think you enter and if you’re going to touch something someone jumps out of one corner and screams; NO! DON’T TOUCH IT! IT’S ANTIQUE!

;D U know?

GraciousGracie says:

dang the wall….too muchhhh…

johngarabatos says:


johngarabatos says:

this bedroom is perfect for dracula

vinegar55 says:


jpmendestv says:

Check out my Extreme House Makeover video 😉

finehomemadewine says:

I wouldn´t be able to sleep there, but some housewifes can like it. Good vid. thought

katrina8335 says:

sorry if I am being rude..but this looks horrible!!
who awarded for house of the year!!!

PearSquared says:

Looks too busy. I dislike it when big pieces of furniture are only used for decoration, like that floor shelf.

fiercesasha1 says:

not good at all

preetys123 says:

to much going on

AchatsExpert says:

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martayoyo says:

I actually love it. Really brings the country chic style. I would say that the wallpaper even adds a touch of European feel to it. Very vintage and yet very clean look. The touch of pink are perfect! Maybe someday people will get what really chic and elegant is

cherry14ful1 says:

its dull

mydesigirl84 says:

i didnt get any tips from this

shahruledree says:

lol… everyone don’t like this design…haha

evybaskara says:


safiagirl says:

wtf it look so ulgy i like the wallpaper but the fake thing near the bed ulgy

usaearthling says:

This is a joke, right? House of what year? Not a joke? OMG!

ohioSPIRIT says:

What a depressing room!

caf324 says:

I like the wallpaper though I would have only done it on one wall. I don’t like the fake mirror, I would have done an empty frame instead. I like the four poster and the fabric. Too much useless art takes up space and underpowers the nie stuff. Like the stuff on the dresser, not the things on the shelf. Shoul dhave got some pretty boxes that hold stuff and add to the decor

rockstercharming says:

well it could’ve looked better if u get rid off…..i dont know…….EVERYTHING!

ndividuall says:

definitely not my style and i don’t know why it won house of the year or whatever the heck.

ThePinkChilli says:

Looks awful.

ThoseWhiteKids says:


tammytimtam232 says:

this bedroom loooks shit nxt time try harder!

moldnile says:

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joshryker says:

The rug is cheap and tawdry looking with that expensive wallpaper. All the bric-a-brac is overly faux Frenchified and heavy. Far too much scrollwork and filigree on everything, it’s unbalanced and looks like it was all ordered out of a catalog. But that’s what I expect when a woman from a design magazine tries to do a job that really ought to be left to a gay man.

jazzysattic says:

there’s way to much of the wallpaper — very overpowering..
they should have only put it on one wall as a freature wall

LOFTHomeDecor says:

Great video, well put together and great advice on putting together a great looking bed.

gsdiez says:


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