Room Tour!!! & Decorating Tips!

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star212fun says:

Great ideas I´╗┐ love u ur beautiful honey

MakeupbyRiley12 says:

are´╗┐ you guys married

fashionbymaddy says:

cool. we have the same baseboard. except i only´╗┐ have the headboard and not the foot board.

Desirae Stabley says:

totally ;D that would be awesome

rachel cannon says:

i´╗┐ did

autumn bishop says:

I thought jordan was´╗┐ her dorm sharer person

andrea flores says:

closet tour!!!´╗┐

ilovemusicforeva69 says:

am i the only one that thought jordan was her brother at the begining??´╗┐

hhallxo says:

Why dont u store your nail polish in that white cabinent´╗┐ where you have those little statues?

5roelles says:

Did anyone see that thing´╗┐ at 0:57 ?!

TiaLynn98 says:

Oh and cute´╗┐ room!!!!!!

TiaLynn98 says:

Are you and Jordan´╗┐ ??????

CathWeasley07 says:

fung´╗┐ shway. uh-huh.

ilovecookiesandjelly says:

Do a fung shui video please me and my best friend love it <3´╗┐

hannahpaulina1 says:


hannahpaulina1 says:

please do a fung shway´╗┐ video. -3

LosersRock047 says:

thats a cute bed frame, where did you´╗┐ get it?

LosersRock047 says:

are all these “are you married?” and “are you engaged?” comments a joke…? I hope so because I’m sure if she was´╗┐ either, she would tell us! just because they live together and have pictures up in their room doesn’t mean they have to be married. She also said “not yet” which means she’ll probably tell us if/when that happens

LosersRock047 says:

she just´╗┐ turned 22

mserbearxox says:

what is´╗┐ fungshuai??

beautifulblueeyes94 says:

wait, are´╗┐ you and jordan married? or engaged? that picture frame threw me off. haha

goodbye2you says:

wow, way to´╗┐ be rude.

TheFliphippo says:

i like the lighting´╗┐ ­čÖé

JustDreamingLife says:

you should see´╗┐ mine then! Ahahaha

JustDreamingLife says:

@jam3banana´╗┐ No they’re not.

sleekANDsassy01 says:

hahah and you’re taking social´╗┐ psych this quarter!

sleekANDsassy01 says:

hahah i saw you at´╗┐ kmart the other day (in goleta) awkwaaard

iheartcarlisle says:

I love how ur bedroom is organized, it’s very pretty and I really like the baby blue/black white theme. I also´╗┐ really like ur makeup and hair.

laurenwhit279 says:

They used to live at her parents’ house together´╗┐ but they moved into their own place a few months ago.

ShaYinYin says:

wheres´╗┐ your makeup storage?

jennacatley says:

how old are you? do you and jordan live in your own house or at your´╗┐ parents?

Chloe O'Toole says:

closet tour´╗┐ please!

99turtlegal says:


xoxoxojessica says:


Fruitytutty333 says:

300th´╗┐ video!!!

mrsbarbie07 says:

what´╗┐ is fen shui ­čÖé

AOfTheKAC says:


smatz10 says:


hawkfamily05 says:

Who is Jordan? Your bf or husband. I am a´╗┐ new subscriber, who is he? Sry!

makeupwithstacey says:

whenever im watching you or jordans video i´╗┐ always wonder what the other one is doing idk why lol

Karnvir16 says:

i´╗┐ have the same printer ads u hahah

AkifahNails says:


iluvlove703 says:

happy 300th´╗┐ video

beautyforever247 says:

where did´╗┐ u get that paris picture?

beautyforever247 says:

r u and jordan married??´╗┐

nayelybarajas1991 says:

were did you meet jordan´╗┐

grlzluvshoes says:

As an interior decorator….I cringe a little´╗┐

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