Investing and Retirement Planning Tips: Personal Finance 101 (Part 2)

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Close Part 2 of Investing and Retirement Tips: Personal Finance. Learn how to get the best Rate of Return on your Investments, Plan your Retirement Strategies, and everything else when it comes to money management 101.


DavidGorrell says:

What?! Since when do you adjust for inflation by multiplying (30)*0.04?? You have to use exponents! Did you graduate from high school? The equation is $1,000,000*(1.04)^30.

Luvxtrostis says:

it is time in the market is what differentiate success in investing not timing the market

OnlineVideosFunny says:

Every school in the US needs to teach their students about investing and personal finance. I wish I new these things about retirement planning when i was younger.

PersonalFinanceMoney says:

Hope you all like this video. Please give me some feedback. If you would like a subject covered, please let me know. Thank you! Stay tuned for other subjects such as life insurance, debt, loans, credit scores, and mutual funds…

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