Decorating Christmas Tree Cake

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Jill Foster, owner of will show you how to decorate a Christmas Tree cake in five minutes. Create this amazing cake with a few supplies a…


marcia l.grays says:

Its still surprises me, just how some people are not aware about Zumocake Decorating (search on google), even though many people learn how to decorate cakes easily because of this online class. Thanks to my cousin who told me about Zumocake Decorating, I have learn how to decorate cakes and cookie.

Tony D says:

Good job, but my grandmother and mom decorated cakes like that years and years ago.

Pinkyourtube says:

I don’t think there was enough self promotion in this video

Mercipourlevenin777 says:

royal icing is usually used to decorate sugar cookies. its dries very hard, and you use a ‘outline and fill in’ method. because its a bit runny…. a thin liquidy icing. I’m pretty sure, shes using some type of buttercream.

SoulSpyrit says:

*gasp heavily* omg where do you do the classes do they cost anything I WANT TO LEARN TO DO THAT

prettyvhienne libao says:

what kind of icing u used? is it royal icing or buttercream icing?

jordzluce says:

Can you put a video up of you making the cake, it looks really good. Pleeaaasssseeee..

Samza Chiew says:

i like it

julie1077247 says:

can you make more Christmas stuff

Marie Andreasen says:

John Mayer – Heartbreak Warfare 🙂

Minibllit says:

Who knows what’s the name of the song that you hear at the begining of the video?

melodys39 says:

You do an awesome job…very creative! :)

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