Fort Worth Botanic Garden! Breathtaking Beauty! So Relaxing! You Will Love This Video!

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Sit back and relax, and enjoy spending the day with us at the Botanic Garden. I guarantee this will be a relaxing and enjoyable visit. Glad to have you along…


imogen harris says:

if only I could go there and Texas to see that I’m guessing it’s in Texas.

xXPorcelinxxRoseXx says:

its sad that our world loves nature but we are not willing to give up the things killing it to keep it from dying out

Diana Waterstone13 says:

12:00 Looks like my backyard. It’s beautiful, but it takes over everything.

CrimsonRunnerToJesus says:

I live in a suburb nearby Ft Worth and haven’t been to the Botanical Gardens in years. After watching your video, think I’ll go for a visit again Very soon now. It truly is a beautiful place and you did a great job of presenting on video. Sweet girl you have there too. God bless.

BoTheIndigo says:

Does anybody know where to mail letters to Kelli

Daphadill2 says:

Wow very nice! I loved thous travelers trees. Wow I bet thats something to see In person. Thanks for the road trip idea! 😉

Aletheia Mohn says:

Nice! 🙂 I’d love to contact you! Would u approve?

Matthew Hamilton says:

I live in Fort Worth, TX. This is a great city. I love it. Fun city

explorer278 says:

Love this, thank you Kelli!

Lilaan says:

Thank you for the field trip Kelli ^^ This looks like a beautiful place to visit.

Swytek says:

This is a wonderful video! Thank you Kelli!

hcgraffiti says:

I’d love to go there :)

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