Vertical Gardening in Rain Gutters So You Can Grow Food Anywhere

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John from shares with you some of the booths at the National Heirloom Expo. In this episode you will learn about wild cucum…


Walid Almasry says:


waifer33 says:

Small containers always need so much watering…. bigger width keeps more moisture in the plants.. less watering….

markden21 says:

Thanks exo 🙂

Shellyvegan Norton says:

very cool idea,,,doing this next year!

Wade French says:

I am not an expert on galvanized, but I do know it is poisonous when welded, and reacts with some chemicals (possibly fertilizers?). II would trust the PVC instead.

kushasaures says:

Yay! Now we can eat those chemicals in the roof material 🙂

33LEAD says:

Thanks exo, that helped

Jeffrey Corver says:

ht tp:// w ww. thegardenofmydreams .co m/

gregsbest says:

You have a good idea, but sit on your hands and just get to the point, you take forever to get to the point.
Talk to the camera as if an intelligent person wants to learn from you- you talk like
a juvenile host on MTV .

Gerald Chopik says:


Sunilnand Vijayarathna says:

Very very good job done LOL ..Cheers M8.

herbsthewerd1 says:

Those “ornamental” cucumbers look a lot like gypsum weed that grows out here in the Southern California desert. They are extremely toxic and produce crazy hallucinations and even death. I read that in small doses it has been used as an herbal pain killer and to treat asthma.

Meester Chris says:

Calm the frick down and talk in a normal voice.

I just turned it off.
This advert shouting technique does nothing for anyone outside of the USA.

Kandis Glasgow says:

Rather than heading off to Home Depot to get 1x6s go grab a pallet and use the boards from. No need to spend extra money….

Alechia Neathery says:

You please talk about the topsy tuvy,gardener revolution planter and the DIY upside down planter. The best soil for these planter. Also can you talk about the crystal soil ball/plant gel soil ball.

abearlake says:

Put some on the front of your building to tell people about this great idea with gutters.

southerngirldogkw says:

Putting them on barn side off the ground and grow herbs .can’t wait getting my drill out now!

southerngirldogkw says:

I took down my gutters this week and so now the will get a new life…like

MsBestsunshine says:


mymewow says:

Love your videos. True you are a “loud talker” which is really not shouting but close, just like my husband. And your passion shows when you speak with the hand gestures., just like my sister. You give lots of information, sometimes more than expected, just like my mother. You could be in my family! Thanks for sharing your knowledge, I really enjoy your videos, ideas and information.

mymewow says:

Love you’re

mrsmommy79 says:

Just subscribed to you- always something creative that I hadn’t thought about before! Your animated language makes your vids more interesting 🙂

SPCkeith says:

how big is the root system on say a blue lake bush bean? we recently moved to the city so needing to grow up and was looking at the gutters stuff for things as large as the bush beans (note was looking at 8″ gutters and then the 5″ gutters for lettuce and stuff. oh and how about cabbage too? thanks Keith

RogerWilco says:

Why are you shouting all the time?

InnovativeHomeCncpts says:

That’s a pretty neat idea. I own a gutter company and we have many scrap sections, maybe we can give them to our customers if they want to make a garden like this.

Kelly Hanson says:

What kind of soil/medium was used in the gutters to balance nutrient and water use?

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