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Poker – This site will be about articles and tips how to play various poker games .. as well as other gambling and non-gambling games.

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You work all your life planning for your retirement … are you ready? Will you be ready?

My father had a stroke on New Year’s Eve 2000, a month before his 65th birthday. He is diabetic, blind in one eye, hard of hearing and after falling and breaking his hip .. he had hip replacement. He always told me as I was growing up .. “Watch What I Do .. And Do The Opposite”.

My mother-in-law took early retirement December 2005. She was suffering with scoliosis and her spine and back was just hurting too much to continue to work. She turned 65 in April 2006. But, on January 18, 2006 she was diagnosed with cancer. Apparently, symptoms of the treatment of one disease masked the disease of another. We are still devastated when she passed away May 26, 2006.

It just goes to show .. you just never know! You have to be able to enjoy life NOW .. and not wait until you might not be healthy enough to enjoy it. But .. if you enjoy life now, and reap the benefits of your life working today .. will that affect your retirement in your later years?

I have many goals, wishes and dreams .. but I am personally trying to accomplish two major goals:

(1) To Be Healthy and In Shape When I Retire

(2) To Be Financially Secure In My Retirement

For my first goal, there are other blogs in this network that I am documenting my path to becoming healthy.

This blog hopes to accomplish my second goal. I will be posting articles that can help give everyone (including myself) little steps and tips and suggestions towards becoming financially secure and planning for retirement. I was born in 1963 and will be turning 65 in 2028. Secretly, I hope that my retirement comes a lot sooner than that .. between 2013 and 2018 (between 50 and 55).

When I retire . will I be ready? I hope so.

And what about you .. When You Retire .. Will You Be Ready?

Maybe we can help each other along the way!

D I S C L A I M E R:

While I hope this blog evolves into all it can be and we all retire wealthy and healthy .. I should note that I am an accountant / consultant by day (and I suppose .. blogger by night). My name is HART … Hartley B. Singer .. and my business is called HBS Management Consultants. I also operate the HART-Empire Network.

I am not a Financial Expert, although I do offer tax planning advice as part of my regular service and do perform certain Estate Planning. Generally, if I can’t fulfill my client’s needs, I have an arsenal of experts at the tip of my fingers that I can get involved to give my client’s the best service they deserve.

Some of the information posted in this blog will be based on my thoughts and experiences. Some of the information in here will be from Ezine articles that are available from the internet. Some of the information will be links to other people’s thoughts and experiences.

In other words, I hope all tips and content in this blog is useful to you .. however …

Please Use This Information At Your Own Risk

If you still want to stick around, stop by tomorrow when I’ll share a few reasons you may want to hear what I have to say. Hope to see you then.


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