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It’s the start of a new semester. Now’s the perfect time to take stock of your study habits and to lay the groundwork for ways to incorporate successful study skills into your routine. (more…)

Many of us procrastinate. It’s human nature. Believe me, I know. I thought I was the Queen of Procrastination until I met some of my students! It was hard to see the difficulties some of my best procrastinators faced due to putting things off and waiting until the last minute. Often times I could see the problems coming from a mile away but could do nothing to help.


Goal setting is an important part of academic success. Considering what you want to do and making a plan to get there will help you stay on track and  achieve more.  But there is a process to goal setting.  Making any plan involves certain steps. (more…)

An article from claims that “financial doors can open for college applicants that plan ahead.” In the article, experts agree that the key to getting into the college of your choice is planning.  Along with planning comes action. You’ll need to get your applications in before the crowd in order to ensure success.  (more…)

How do you keep track of your daily to-do list? Do you have a system? You probably should. The life of a college student is filled with responsibilities and activities, and keeping track of it all can be quite a process. If you’re still trying to keep track of important events and deadlines in your head, consider these tips for developing a time management strategy that works for you. (more…)

FAFSA is a term you should be familiar with if you’re currently a college student receiving financial aid. If you’re in the process of applying to colleges and will need financial aid, you definitely need to know about the FAFSA.  (more…)

You’ve probably already scheduled your classes for the upcoming semester, but maybe you haven’t.  Even if you have, it’s not too late to make changes if you feel you’ve made a mistake or have taken time to reconsider your choices over break.  Most colleges and universities have a drop/add period during the first week or so of the semester for students to make adjustments to their schedules.


Did you sell your books back to the campus bookstore at the end of the semester?  Hopefully, you didn’t.  Often times, you get just a fraction of what you paid for the book when you return it during the buy back period.  If you still have your old books, you’ll want to research some of these options for selling them for more money than you’d expect to get from your school’s bookstore. (more…)

Winter Break will be over soon, and it will be time to start a new semester at your college or university.  A new semester, like the New Year, is often a time for students to start fresh and to make academic resolutions.


Hello!  Welcome to And You Will Graduate. I’m Mary Davis, a former college academic adviser who recently switched careers.  I’m now a freelance writer and blogger.  This switch has allowed me to be at home with my baby and to be more available to my two school-aged kids.  But sometimes I miss my old job.


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I am pleased to introduce your new author for this blog .. Mary Davis, who takes over this blog starting January 1, 2009.


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