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The options to complete education are not common knowledge for the majority of Americans. With the rise of the Internet, lots of colleges and universities have replaced or improved their already existent distance learning system with online degree programs.Most official web sites and college directories now offer extensive online degree info on the programs available in all domains of activity and for all the known education levels from associate and bachelor’s to master’s and PhD. Other than the description of various programs, you can also find information in the form of tips and suggestions meant to assist users decide for the best type of education.


Becoming a teacher is a worthwhile career which can have a positive impact on every pupil you come across. In the UK there are many ways that you can teach; at a public school, a state school, as a tutor, in higher education or at another learning institution. History, English and Science are popular subjects for new teachers in the past few years with many places being oversubscribed and newly qualified teachers having no job when they finish their degree. Teachers who decide that teaching English to speakers of other languages is what they want to do will not have this problem as there are thousands of people looking to learn English as a second language in the UK.


A line of work noticable by its ever-growing shortage, nursing has started to suffer the shock of the growth of unemployment. About to graduate from their programs, countless nursing students are anxious and unsure about finding their first job. With employers hiring fewer workers and multitude of more seasoned nurses vying for entry level jobs because their former employers were cutting back, the hunt for jobs has become another obstacle in the lives of nursing students. However, it may be because of where the search is being focused.
Most people believe that hospitals or doctors’ offices are the only places to find employment. In fact since this is where many others will start out, your chances of finding a job plummet to find a job you’d want. You’d be stunned at the number of industries and enterprises that need nurses as part of their team.
Insurance Firms. Visit any major insurance company’s website and you’ll see many occupations asking for a nursing degree. Specifically, case management is one of these categories. A case manager assesses a member’s clinical needs and authorizes the required services. As an example, if a member’s daughter was afflicted with an eating disorder and desired residential treatment, a case manager would be summoned by an admissions team from the chosen facility. The case manager is responsible of assessing that this is the suitable facility and continues to monitor the patient’s progress while subsequently sanctioning more treatment if desired.
Medical writing. If you have excellent writing skills and a nursing degree, you can bring your expertise to a freelance writing line of work. Magazines are always on the look out for features written by educated sources and would value submissions on a range of topics. From a nurse’s opinion on hospital infrastructure to the kindest ways to take care of newborns, informational articles sell rapidly when they cover any health-related topic. Articles are either paid for per word or on a per-article fee basis. Freelance writing can also increase a part-time income.
Pharmaceutical sales. Nurses are in demand in this field to enlighten and campaign for up-to-the-minute and heritage products to other medical professionals. Positions at companies selling medical equipment and medications require nurses to travel all over the map while continuously adding to the breadth of their product knowledge. Opportunities for this type of career can be found via a simple internet search of pharmaceutical companies and browsing their job listings.
Government and legal arena. Government at the national, state and city levels is looking for nurses. Whether to help a government-funded pre-natal care initiative to coordinating with the State Department of Health, careers for nurses are available. Government careers permit nurses to branch out and achieve a more enlightening approach and take pleasure in a change of scenery.
Hopefully, the search for a job looks a tad less frightening when bearing in mind all the innovative and overlooked opportunities employment is found. More employment opportunities can be discovered in other fields not talked about in this article such as schools, detention facilities and medical answering services. Keep your options open and try to think of others. Happy hunting! While you’re looking around for that career you might see healthcare professionals wearing discount urbane scrubs including discount urbane pants and urbane scrub pants free shipping.

School’s out for summer. Remember how great it used to feel to say that? Now that you’re in college and out on your own, you may be kind of bummed for school to be out because it means leaving your friends and heading back to the watchful eye of your parents. There are things you can do to make the transition easier. (more…)

Dear “And You Will Have Kids”:

Our family has been invited to a graduation party.  “D” is my best friend’s son and is only a few years older than my children. 


You know that those with a college degree earn more, on average, than those without the piece of paper. But you’ll gain so much more from obtaining a college education than just the degree. I’ve learned this from personal experience and from countless conversations with students and from seeing the change in students from their first day in school to their graduation from community college two years later. The opportunity for growth is even greater for students pursuing a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. (more…)

The Graduate Record Examinations, more commonly known as the GRE, is the the standardardized test most graduate schools require for admission. The general exam “measures verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and critical thinking and analytical writing skills.” There are also eight subject exams that may be required for specific majors. Taking the GRE is expected of those aspiring to graduate school, but its hefty fee of $150 may be a deterrent for many. Fortunately, a fee reduction is being offered for both the unemployed and for those meeting certain financial aid requirements. (more…)

Most colleges and universities offer student orientation to incoming freshmen. It may or may not be required that you attend your school’s orientation, but I recommend that you make every effort to be there as a way of preparinyour first year of college. (more…)

Do you know the difference between transfer and occupational classes? If you’re a community college student, this is something you should know. These are two very different types of coursework in most cases, and it’s likely that you’ll be interested in taking one or the other, depending on your major. So what’s the difference? (more…)

Many students attend community college knowing that they intend to transfer to a four-year institution down the road. Sometimes students will begin their education at community college because they’re unsure of what they want to study or because community college credits are more affordable. Some students want to take some time to develop strong academic skills before moving onto another college or university. These reasons make sense. What most people don’t realize is that they can begin planning early to make the transfer process an easy one. (more…)

Adults are heading back to school for various reasons. Particularly in light of today’s economic state and the many layoffs that are occurring. There are good reasons for returning to college as an adult like advancing skills to get a better-paying position, learning marketable skills if you’ve been out of the workforce for a long time, or as a means of getting out of a dead-end job. You’ll want to be sure your reasons are sound and that you’ve done your research before signing up for the lifestyle and financial commitment that college brings. (more…)

According to a USA Today article published last September, an estimated 43% of community college students and 29% of four-year university students were required to enroll in some sort of remedial education course. This is definitely in keeping with what I observed as a community college academic adviser.


Financial aid is a way of life for most college students. Tuition can be very expensive, and many families just don’t have the money to help their children pay for college. The fact that obtaining college loans is commonplace doesn’t make it any less intimidating. You may be wondering if it’s a good idea to take out loans for your education. My view on the matter is that it really depends, and the decision should be weighed on individual factors. There’s no right answer for everyone. (more…)

I recently came across an innovative organization called 80 Million Strong for Young American Jobs and was very intrigued by the cause and the methods the group is taking to make change. The group addresses an issue that many of you will come to face very soon: the lack of jobs for young, educated Americans. (more…)

Your senior year of high school has flown by so fast, and it’s likely that summer will go just as quickly. You’ll want to start thinking ahead to starting college and getting yourself in the mindset of a college student. Here are some things to keep in mind this summer to be sure you’re ready to start your college experience off right. (more…)