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Presents interviews with teenage mothers and provides information about adoption, parenting, abortion, and foster care.

With five new chapters devoted to the upgraded features in Adobe’s image editing software (including ImageReady 2), Photoshop 5/5.5 Artistry incorporates all the material from the version 5 book, with new instructions on creating images for the Web. Just like the earlier book, this full-color guide to Photoshop caters to professionals who work with digital photographs and graphics, especially those with significant experience in both traditional photography and in using Photoshop. After an opening section on basics like tools, palettes, actions, and layers, the book discusses more advanced topics in digital imaging, such as applying the Zone System to Photoshop, mastering calibration, color spaces, scanning, resolutions, and histograms. Hands-on tutorials show how to use selections, layers, and masks for color correction, retouching, and compositing images. And there are more step-by-step examples of working with calculations, patterns, filters, and layer effects. The new chapters show the differences between JPEG, GIF, and PNG compression formats and how to optimize images within Photoshop 5.5’s 4-Up dialog box. There are hands-on sessions for creating GIF animations, sliced GIFs, and rollovers using ImageReady 2. And these chapters cover new tools that go beyond just Web production, like the magic eraser and the new type dialog box. Throughout, the book features text-heavy explanations accompanied by plenty of illustrations and screen shots. It’s the sort of image-laden book you can learn from just by reading the captions (for example, using linear and nonlinear history). An extensive index makes it ideal for troubleshooting. The sample photographs included on the CD-ROM are of excellent quality and are highly applicable to professional jobs. –Angelynn Grant Topics covered: Intermediate and advanced instruction on using Photoshop 5.5 and ImageReady 2 for creating and manipulating digital images. In particular, lessons on creating a master digital image with effective use of color spaces, device characterization, color management, calibration of monitor and output devices, scanning, resolution and histograms; color correcting, retouching, and compositing using selections and layers; creating special effects using blend modes, calculations, filters, and layers effects; optimizing image formats for the Web, creating GIF animations, sliced GIFs, and rollovers. CD-ROM includes sample images in different stages used in overviews and tutorials and demo versions of applications.

Karen Salmansohn’s humorous advice to women struggling for success in business is now available in trade paper. She recommends that women learn how to balance their inherently female qualities with what are perceived as traditional male advantages. Salmansohn claims that taking the best of both will give women the edge necessary to compete with men in the workplace.

Lake Tahoe has hosted a variety of visitors and residents through the years, from the early days of Washoe settlements, to rough logging camps, to today’s extravagant resorts. In this collection of vintage photograph postcards, Sara Larson and the North Lake Tahoe Historical Society explore the area’s past. Includes 15 historic postcards.

Good Retirement Guide 2003 (Enterprise Dynamics)

Better Homes and Gardens Outer Space (A Max the dragon project book)

Retire Easy!: A Blueprint for Building Personal Wealth

Good Books For The Curious Traveler: Asia And The South Pacific

As the first major revision since 2000 of the landmark handbook on expert testimony, this fourth edition provides the crucial, insider information that today’s testifying forensic experts want and need to not only survive, but thrive in deposition and court Comprehensively reorganized to accommodate greater breadth and scope, this edition makes it even easier to find and use information on the most vital topics, including deposition and direct and cross-examination testimony of expert witnesses. It includes a new forward by Peter Neufeld, DNA expert, lawyer, and co-founder of the Innocence Project, as well as several new chapters providing an overview of expert witnessing; explanations of methods, testing, and science; and examinations of the roles of each player. The book also provides a revised and updated chapter on ethics, covering basic real-world ethical issues, problems, and solutions, such as unethical conduct, junk science, abuse of and by experts, and forensic professional codes of Each chapter includes Key Terms, Review Questions, and Discussion Questions along with new and revised charts and illustrations. A 50-page appendix covers the four major federal court decisions affecting expert testimony, as well as an update of the indispensable article iExpert Testimony in the Wake of Daubert, Joiner, and Kumho Tire/i, by Sidney W. Jackson, III, counsel for the respondents in the U.S. Supreme Court case iKumho Tire Co. v. Carmichael/ Offering useful career insights and trial-tested tips from lawyer/expert Harold A. Feder and forensic scientist Max M. Houck, the strong emphasis on criminal law material makes this the perfect book for forensic science students heading to key positions in U.S. and international crime labs, as well as a crucial reference and resource for more experienced civil, private, and testifying experts in all disciplines.

Retirement Straight Talk: Stories and Wisdom from Educators

Parenting (penguin Health Books)

Crossing Bridges Wall Calendar: This new wall calendar for 2010 features color photographs of many forms of bridges from locations around the globe.

Lighthouses Wall Calendar: Lighthouses have always been regarded as symbols of safety and guidance from their early beginnings as bonfires in the night to the stately towers with intense beacons found today. Enjoy a year of lighthouses from around the world in this stunning scenic calendar.

Gardening and puzzle enthusiasts will be happy to plow through 180 fun and stimulating word challenges and logic puzzles with gardening themes in the new collectionIGarden Lover’s Puzzle and Quiz Book/i. All puzzles are horticulture-themed to challenge the keenest of gardeners.PAsk any gardener and she’ll tell you she prefers variety. This book has that and more. It’s packed with crosswords, word search, wordwheel, codewords, arrowords, kriss kross, pathfinder, and logic problems that grow on you.