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This scarce antiquarian book is included in our special Legacy Reprint Series. In the interest of creating a more extensive selection of rare historical book reprints, we have chosen to reproduce this title even though it may possibly have occasional imperfections such as missing and blurred pages, missing text, poor pictures, markings, dark backgrounds and other reproduction issues beyond our control. Because this work is culturally important, we have made it available as a part of our commitment to protecting, preserving and promoting the world’s literature.

Chinese Miscellanies: A Collection of Essays and Notes (1865)

— An exceptionally fine collaboration between gardener and teacher Wolfe and award-winning photographer Irving…

Two Egg, Florida is a collection of ghost stories, legends and unusual facts from writer and historian Dale Cox. Written with the detail and unique flair for which the author is known, this book is his tribute to the community he calls home. The book includes the story of how Two Egg got its unusual name, as well as a collection of other legends and stories from across Northwest Florida.

Authentic Voices of Other Children’s Parents: African American Parents’ Experiences In, Perceptions Of, and Understandings about Public Schools

Navigations: Collected Irish Essays 1976-2006

When proslavery critics of Stowe”s Uncle Tom”s Cabin (1851) charged that she did not describe slavery accurately, she published this fact-filled 1853 book demonstrating that her novel was true to …

Cool Careers Without College for Animal Lovers

This beautiful book is the first comprehensive guide to the collection written in a generation. It is also the first narrative history of the Gardner Museum, combining art historical, social, and historical analysis with stories about how this remarkably diverse collection was acquired.

Finally! College Cuisine for every student. This book is for every student, in every college, all across the world. G.P. McDonald has taken his time in collecting and putting down on paper every recipe and side dish he has lived on during his ten-year odyssey known as higher education. Share in the wonderful delight of such delicious meals as Noodles ala Maize, Burrito Hash, and his personal favorite – Nappy’s with Cheese. These fifty recipes are guaranteed to please and keep the penniless college student’s belly full.

This book contains detailed drawings and diagrams that are easy to follow. Each item can be made with just a few common tools, the materials listed in the book, and some simple techniques.