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A one-of-a-kind, full-color interactive history of golf. Veteran golf writer and commentator Jaime Diaz tees off at St. Andrews, Scotland, where the game of golf was born, and takes readers on a wonderful tour of golf’s history and culture. Includes profiles of Ben Hogan, Sam Snead and Byron Nelson; the evolution of the golf club and other equipment; golf fashion and etiquette; the Arnold Palmer-Jack Nicklaus rivalry; the great courses and their designers; and Tiger Woods and today’s big golf boom. Imaginative interactive items like facsimiles of the original course map of St. Andrews, the famous scorecard documenting the 1962 Palmer/Nicklaus face- off at Oakmont, and other memorabilia of the game is featured in this must-have for all golf fans. Length: 31 pages.

In a Cheshire Garden: Natural History Notes (1912)

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Chatto a Windus Alphabetical Catalogue of Books in Fiction and General Literary Collections, Sept. 1905

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Walker’s impressive command of modern scholarship helps reveal fascinating cultural intersections during Late Antiquity. –Michael G. Morony, author of Iraq after the Muslim Conquest The Legend of Mar Qardagh is a richly textured narrative, and one that opens up vast spaces barely considered in much of western scholarship. –Susan Ashbrook Harvey, author of Scenting Salvation: Ancient Christianity and the Olfactory Imagination

Antiquities of the Jews: Volume II

Whether long haul, short haul, regional tours or city breaks

Problems in Time and Space: A Collection of Essays Relating to the Earth, Physically and Astronomically and Cognate Matters

From the Other Side: Stories of Transatlantic Travel (Large Print Edition)

National Geographic brings 114 years of incomparable travel expertise to today’s sophisticated globe-trotters…

Parents Want To Know: Questions For Principals