And You Will Play

By Adrian Radulescu

When playing, look after a table with happy players and a friendly dealer, in order to enjoy your blackjack game. Also, think positively to keep an emotional balance and to take maximum advantage of your blackjack skills.



by Will Wind

War, what is it good for? Absolute fun and profit, that’s what it’s good for! If your childhood was anything like mine, you played the card game War often. One day the casino execs woke up and decided to bring this popular card game to the casino.


By Mark R. Holland

ROI Stands for ‘Return on Investment’ and is a commonly used way of calculating your profits in poker. The exact method of calculating ROI will vary depending on which form of the game is played. A more useful figure for poker players may be ‘hourly rate’ which takes into account the time spent playing.


By Maxine Solomon

Online casino gaming is much the same as gaming at offline casinos. Like offline casinos, online casinos offer a variety of games. The gambling odds are often better at online casinos than offline ones, though, on certain types of games (like slots) where the odds are set by the casino.