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Wealth Creation for Baby Boomers – Take Advantage of Hidden Riches

By Kenneth Little

Wealth creation belongs to you as a baby boomer. You served your time in the workplace or you’ve had enough business failures to write a bestseller on the subject


Reduce Debt By Saving Money on Electricity

By Kathy Burns-Millyard

One of the best ways to reduce existing debts, is to pay extra on those debts each and every month. Most Americans with large amounts of debt however, believe they don’t have a dime to spare for paying extra. It may be easier than you think though. There are a myriad of ways to save money every day, but this article will concentrate on how to save money with one of your most expensive household utilities: Electricity.


Want to be Rich? Then Educate Yourself. Why? Here’s why

By Damian Miles

If you want to be a Doctor, learn medicine. If you want to be a footballer, kick a football around. If you want to be a bus driver, learn how to drive a bus!


Yes, You Can Get Ahead

By Justin Ertelt

“Whatever you can conceive and believe, you can achieve.” Wrote Napoleon Hill decades ago in Think and Grow Rich. It summates how people achieve their dreams and how it is possible for you to save your way to success.


Will Women Face Financial Hardship in Retirement?

By Debra Lohrere

The looming hardship that will be faced by many of the baby boomers once they retire could well affect women a lot harder than men. The likelihood of the government being able to afford any sort of reasonable amount of pension is very slim, simply because of the magnitude of the number of people who will be retirees, compared to the working population. The Australian government has realised this, and that is why they introduced the compulsory employer paid superannuation scheme and are even now beginning to give financial incentives to Self-funded retirees. They are also now encouraging people to work well beyond the 65 year barrier.


Retirement Planning – It’s Never too Late

By Michael Harrison

Retirement Planning – you’re never too old.


Retirement Then vs. Retirement Now

By Rick Ramos

Most of us dream of a retirement of travel, relaxation and nothing but free-time. But, if you’re in that majority are you in the minority of those actually saving for your golden years? Only about 30% of Americans are actively saving for life after 65 and only about 25% are confident of their ability to afford it. The scariest statistic of all? Almost half of the workforce have no retirement plan in place at all.


Beware “Courtesy” Overdraft Protection

By John Wagner

In the past few years, many banks and credit unions have implemented a program called “Courtesy Overdraft Protection”. While that name sounds nice, it is simply another name for “High Priced Overdraft Loan”. Banks and some Credit Unions like this product because it enables them to get a significant boost in fee income while providing a so-called “service” to their customers.


Streams Of Income: The Day Of Doing One Job Well Is Over

By Suzette Hinton

The day of being a one-trick pony is over. I think that has been the point of this season in my life. I was raised to get good grades, go to college and get a good-paying job. And for 40 something years, I’ve remained in that mindset–putting all my energies into one thing.


Kathy Griffin’s Take on Financial Planning

By Nicole Anderson

Kathy Griffin has some wise insight on finances and money management. If you listen to her advice you may find yourself in a much better financial situation and if you don’t listen to her advice she my make fun of you on her show someday!


How To Build Retirement Income With Your Own Website

By Angel Brown

Adding money to your nest egg is a smart move, no matter what your age or stage of life. We all want to be financially comfortable; especially during our “golden years” when we should be enjoying the fruits of our labor, not worrying about rising costs and shrinking savings. That’s why it’s important to create wealth-building strategies that will keep on working for us even after we quit working–to secure our own financial future.


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