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Art abounds on the internet.  Not only can you find great websites about different artistic styles, but you can learn about artists and explore different art mediums.  If you are a parent or a teacher, you can also find some great websites which detail art lessons.


Muscle reading is a concept I taught in my study skills class. I first came across it in the text, Becoming a Master Student by Dave Ellis. Muscle reading is a great way to break down material and is made up of three phases, consisting of three steps each. I’d like to share this process, as it’s estimated that the average college student will read well over 10,000 pages of text in their undergraduate career. Perhaps muscle reading will help you to make all that reading a little easier to handle. (more…)

Sit back and relax, and enjoy spending the day with us at the Botanic Garden. I guarantee this will be a relaxing and enjoyable visit. Glad to have you along…

Some children pick up on the concept of reading very quickly.  Other students struggle to learn to read.  Reading problems can create problems in other classes where children might need to read textbooks to gather information; this can actually impede their educational progress.  Reading problems can also affect a child’s self esteem.


The Most Reasonably Priced Bed and Breakfast Where “Our Home Is Your Home”

There are so many reasons Johannesburg is a city like no other. What makes Johannesburg special? The city is rich in culture and heritage. It’s in Roodepoort’s unique blend of multi-ethnic culture and traditional charm. Most of all, it’s in the people, “UBUNTU”, meaning kindness and humanity. These factors, and more, make Johannesburg one of the most popular destinations. There is no other way to experience the town’s exquisite cultural attractions than by staying in an affordable bed and breakfast in Johannesburg?


10 Things That Will Kill You in Under An Hour Poisonous plants, venomous vipers and lethal laughter, the world’s a scary place. We look at 10 terrifying thin…

A few weeks ago, I sat on the porch with my neighbors. We discussed the one thing that was very noticeable in the neighborhood: there were no kids out playing on this beautiful summer day.  We surmised that they were probably inside playing video games or texting other neighborhood kids from their cell phones.


We’re dealing with neighborhood drama today.  If you have kids and you live in a neighborhood, I’m sure you’ve had your own stressful dramas play out from time to time as well.


Do people sit around drumming their fingers at your Christmas parties?

Give them something to remember at this year’s get-together! Create a home made Christmas Game that everyone can enjoy. (more…)