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It’s the end of March, and the end of the semester is getting closer. It’s at about this point when students would come to my office in droves. Often times, they were seeking to drop a class. Maybe they just needed to vent about the stress of college life. They may have been reconsidering their choice of major or looking for direction. In most cases, I suspected it was around this last stretch of the semester that students just began to feel burnt out.


Amazing Optical illusions that will tease your brain Subscribe to our channel: Flat 3rd Dimension and Following eyes video by Brusspup Description: One of the most fascinatin…

Why can’t floating point do money? It’s a brilliant solution for speed of calculations in the computer, but how and why does moving the decimal point (well, in this case binary or radix point)…

Statistically speaking,  a large majority of people will experience a divorce.   How can you support you friend when he or she is undergoing a divorce? (more…)

SciShow takes you inside a limnic eruption, a natural disaster that’s as deadly as it is rare. Hosted by: Hank Green ———- This episodes’ President of S…

When it comes to buying a wood stove for your home, there are three basic types you can choose from : box stoves, air-tight stoves, or pellet burners. There are arguments to each type, with people having their own personal preferences. Although box stoves don’t burn as efficiently, because they are not air-tight, they are the least expensive option. Sadly, quality often suffers as a consequence of the cost. Air-tight stoves are counseled for highest efficiency, but their price tags will reflect their top of the range. Pellet stoves have recently come into popular use. They give out steady, even heat and are sometimes considered the best wood stoves, but the controls that work them won’t work if the power goes out.


Do you remember how you loved snow days when you were a kid? There was “nothing” to do but stay at home all day long.  When I became a parent, I found that I no longer loved snow days.  Snow days meant that the kids were cooped up all day in the house!  They also meant making alternative work arrangements so that I could spend the day in the house cooped up with the kids.  


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View full lesson: Over the course of human history, thousands of languages have developed from what was once a much smaller number.

How can we transplant animal tissue into humans? And will we ever be able to grow customized organs? SciShow explains! Hosted by: Hank Green Written by: Alexa Billow ———- Dooblydoo…

A Black Tungsten Ring is a highly fashionable piece of jewelry. A black tungsten ring is the best ring for men who love representing the latest men’s jewelry fashion trends and styles first. As a matter of fact most men these days are very interested in keeping up with the latest fashion trends. Men do like to look their best whenever possible as much as ladies do! The black tungsten ring is becoming very popular among many men, and these unusual and very modern looking new styles of tungsten rings are quickly rising in sales. Tungsten in fact is a metal on the periodic table of elements just like gold or silver. Tungsten is the element that has been assigned the atomic number of 74, and it has been assigned the atomic symbol W which is an indication of tungsten’s former name; it used to be known as wolfram.


During the summer months, we usually have or attend a pool party. Planning a pool party is a great way to entertain during the summer because it is relatively easy. (more…)

Watch the original Water Balz video here: For EDIBLE water Balz video click here And of course the …