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Geniuses like Isaac Newton and Richard Feynman both had the ability to concentrate with a sort of intensity that is hard for mortals to grasp. Transcript — I’m tempted to say smart, creative…

You’ve probably already scheduled your classes for the upcoming semester, but maybe you haven’t.  Even if you have, it’s not too late to make changes if you feel you’ve made a mistake or have taken time to reconsider your choices over break.  Most colleges and universities have a drop/add period during the first week or so of the semester for students to make adjustments to their schedules.


Nobody wants to work forever. Most people plan to retire at some point in their lives, usually around fifty or so. Planning for retirement is something that should be done way ahead of that point, however, and there’s no better time to start than the present. If you don’t know how to plan for this time, there is help available. You can go visit a financial planner, you can talk to your employer about your 401K if it’s available, and you can even go out and buy some financial planning software if you want to go it alone. Planning for retirement can be fun, and it should be. After all, this is the time you are supposed to lay back and relax after years of hard work and looking forward to that time can be the motivation most of us need to get started with our planning.


A Black Tungsten Ring is a highly fashionable piece of jewelry. A black tungsten ring is the best ring for men who love representing the latest men’s jewelry fashion trends and styles first. As a matter of fact most men these days are very interested in keeping up with the latest fashion trends. Men do like to look their best whenever possible as much as ladies do! The black tungsten ring is becoming very popular among many men, and these unusual and very modern looking new styles of tungsten rings are quickly rising in sales. Tungsten in fact is a metal on the periodic table of elements just like gold or silver. Tungsten is the element that has been assigned the atomic number of 74, and it has been assigned the atomic symbol W which is an indication of tungsten’s former name; it used to be known as wolfram.


When my ex and I first divorced, my parents invited my children and I down to Florida for a week’s vacation at their rental house.  I remember that my friends dropped me off at the airport with the kids and wished me luck.  It was at that time I realized exactly what I’d gotten myself into!  I did survive that trip, but I learned some important things. (more…)

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My older children have worn glasses since they were 2 years of age due to a degenerative eye disease.  I can’t tell you how heartbreaking it is to spend hundreds of dollars on a pair of glasses only to have them destroyed a few weeks later when your child is playing on the playground at school.


When my oldest child was a baby, she would scream so loudly during bath time that I used to worry what the neighbors were thinking.  Should I explain to them that I was bathing her, or wait for them to show up on my doorstep and ask what was wrong?


Week Two has arrived!  Are you ready for the holidays? 

 Let’s face it: holidays and celebrations are a huge party of having children.  Not only will you have to organize your own holiday celebrations, but your children are sure to be invited to different parties and events during the next few months which will also require preparation.


This Nasheed is a Poem by Imam al-Haddad. Nasheed is by Labbayk. ——————————————————————– More Labbayk Nasheeds o…

Watch the original Water Balz video here: For EDIBLE water Balz video click here And of course the …

Social activities are an important part of college life, and many students consider joining a fraternity or sorority to fulfill their social needs. As with any activity, there are both plusses and minuses to Greek Life. I joined a sorority my junior year of college. I’d like to talk about some of the things I loved about being Greek as well as some of the drawbacks that can come from having fifty “sisters”. (more…)

During the summer months, we usually have or attend a pool party. Planning a pool party is a great way to entertain during the summer because it is relatively easy. (more…)