[Building Wealth] Videos

By James Lee Valentine

My journey to a million dollar net worth begins with me knowing where I am at this precise moment. This Millionaire Analysis is comparable to a roadmap for success that is designed to enable me to discern my monetary strengths and understand my financial ambitions.


By Matt Fox

Anyone with a desire to be wealthy, rich, or comfortable needs to follow a few steps. The first step is to create a plan of attack. An attack on poverty, on risk and on conventional thinking. Then they actually need to follow through with their plan. The plans vary person to person. For instance, older people can’t take the same risks as young people. They don’t have the time to spare. Nor would it be easy for them to replace lost money. But anyone can choose an investment plan that will work for their situation.


Straight-Forward Advice … is always good!

The Weary Consumer blog has a great series of articles offering great advice and tips (like the headline) how to break free from debt. Enjoy.

1) Breaking Free From Debt-Step 1: Calm Down

2) Breaking Free From Debt-Step 2: Clarify

3) Breaking Free From Debt-Step 3: Simplify

4) Breaking Free From Debt-Step 4: Stop Debting

5) Breaking Free From Debt-Step 5: Stay Focused