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Dear “And You Will Have Kids”:

I have 3 teens and it seems that we are constantly fighting over clothing choices, music choices, and other such things. When I try to set boundaries, my children tell me that I am old-fashioned and that most of their friends are doing the same things that I am refusing to allow.  I am at my wit’s end!


Dear “And You Will Have Kids”:

Our family has been invited to a graduation party.  “D” is my best friend’s son and is only a few years older than my children. 


You know that those with a college degree earn more, on average, than those without the piece of paper. But you’ll gain so much more from obtaining a college education than just the degree. I’ve learned this from personal experience and from countless conversations with students and from seeing the change in students from their first day in school to their graduation from community college two years later. The opportunity for growth is even greater for students pursuing a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. (more…)

Is your son or daughter heading off to college in the fall? As the mom of children 10 and under, I can only imagine what a blubbering mess I’ll be the day I leave them at the college dorm. As a former college academic adviser, I’ve seen the view from the students’ side, as well as that of the institution. Here’s my advice on helping your teen to get ready for college, and helping you to get through it emotionally as well. (more…)

Most colleges and universities offer student orientation to incoming freshmen. It may or may not be required that you attend your school’s orientation, but I recommend that you make every effort to be there as a way of preparinyour first year of college. (more…)

Adults are heading back to school for various reasons. Particularly in light of today’s economic state and the many layoffs that are occurring. There are good reasons for returning to college as an adult like advancing skills to get a better-paying position, learning marketable skills if you’ve been out of the workforce for a long time, or as a means of getting out of a dead-end job. You’ll want to be sure your reasons are sound and that you’ve done your research before signing up for the lifestyle and financial commitment that college brings. (more…)

According to a USA Today article published last September, an estimated 43% of community college students and 29% of four-year university students were required to enroll in some sort of remedial education course. This is definitely in keeping with what I observed as a community college academic adviser.


These tough economic times have caused many adults to consider going back to school. Some need to learn specialized skills to obtain higher paying jobs, while, unfortunately, others have lost their jobs and need to pursue a new direction. Whatever the reason for returning to college or enrolling for the first time, the process can be overwhelming and intimidating. Here are the answers to some of the questions you may have. (more…)

May is a major burnout time of the year. The weather’s getting nicer, and the coursework is getting more intense, with major projects due and finals right around the corner. Hopefully, you’re not carrying a courseload full of difficult classes. Balancing your load is important when scheduling. But what about fun? I recommend adding at least one fun course every semester. By fun, I don’t necessarily mean it has to be a party or that there’s no work involved. Let me explain the benefits of lightening your load. (more…)

Are you a college student who recently got engaged? If so, you’re probably thinking about planning that dream wedding. This can be pretty stressful if you’re still a student. Trying to find time to plan the details of a wedding, coordinate the schedules of everyone involved, and worrying about the money a wedding will cost is a lot to put on anyone’s plate. If you’re trying to do all this while studying for finals and completing class projects, it can be even more overwhelming.


College acceptance letters have been sent out, and you now have a better idea of your options. Maybe you weren’t accepted by your top choice of colleges, and that’s okay. We’ve already discussed lessons you can learn from rejection. Chances are good that you still have a decision to make between the schools that did send you acceptance letters. A lot of students put pressure on themselves to pick the “right” school. Don’t let it overwhelm you. Let’s look at some ways to discover which school is right for you. (more…)

Spring is on its way, and if you’re like me, you’re thinking now would be a great time to spruce up your place. Looking at the same surroundings all the time gets boring, and it certainly doesn’t help to improve your mood or motivation. Most college students don’t have a lot of extra spending cash, so I’d like to offer some suggestions for where to shop for your dorm’s seasonal update. (more…)

Ah, Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, and love is in the air. Even if you don’t have a significant other, Valentine’s Day is still a great time to show your love for those important people in your life that you care about. I know it can really seem like a commercial holiday made for spending money on things like cards, chocolate, and fancy dinners, but I think that any reason to celebrate love is a good one. So let’s talk about how to do it as a college student. (more…)

Though it was a very LONG tme ago, I remember being excited to see who would be in my college classes each new semester. I looked forward to meeting new people, even though I’m not the most extroverted gal around. Looking back, I usually made at least one good friend every semester, but meeting new people and making meaningful connections can be tough. Believe me, I know. Here are a few tips I’ve given my students for getting to know others on campus. (more…)